10 Weeks of Pregnancy

We are 10 weeks pregnant! And along with it, some new symptoms may appear as others tend to go away. The fetus is developing very well and the mother becomes increasingly anxious and awaits more evident signs of her pregnancy.

But oh, calm down! Your pregnancy is going very well and everything indicates that in the next few weeks the bulge in your belly will already be noticed. The most important thing right now is to focus on the events of the 10th week of pregnancy and that’s what we’ll talk about in this post. Check it out below.

Symptoms of pregnant women at 10 weeks of pregnancy

As noted above, some symptoms do not usually persist through 10 weeks of pregnancy or occur at a much lower incidence. However, there are still some symptoms that can be noticed during the 10th week and even the appearance of a new symptom on this list.

But beware: it is always good to remember that each organism reacts in an individual way to pregnancy and any doubts you have regarding your symptoms, it is essential that you clarify with your trusted doctor, ok?!


Although it is one of the most annoying and persistent symptoms of the entire pregnancy, excessive sleep and tiredness is still present in the 10th week of pregnancy. So try to stay rested as much as possible to avoid drowsiness, fatigue or tiredness from interfering with your daily activities.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting can also occur during the 10th week of pregnancy and care needs to be maintained to ensure that its incidence is lower and that your health stays up to date. So don’t forget to hydrate properly, eat small, light and healthy meals and consult your doctor in case of persistent and/or severe symptoms.

Round belly and wide waist

As the days go by, your belly gets rounder and rounder, and even though it’s not the bulge of a pregnant woman’s belly yet, it’s already quite noticeable that you’re expecting a baby. In addition, the waist will also get wider and the breasts will get bigger and heavier. With that in mind, the looser and more comfortable clothes are an excellent choice!

accumulation of saliva in the mouth

That’s the new symptom on the list we’ve just mentioned. It is common for you to notice during the 10 weeks of pregnancy that your mouth has an accumulation of saliva and the reason for this is the excess acidity or even due to the large number of vomiting that occurs at this stage of pregnancy. But don’t worry: just as this symptom appears suddenly, it will also disappear quickly without any major complications.

Back pains

It is very likely that back pain has been with you for some time and the news is that this symptom will become even more frequent in the coming weeks. This is the effect of the process of stretching the uterus and all the transformation that the body needs to go through to keep up with the growth and development of the fetus.

A good way to alleviate this symptom is with physical activity such as yoga, Pilates or stretching.

frequent urination

Frequent trips to the bathroom will also persist during the 10th week of pregnancy and as you may already know, this is explained by the pressure that the uterus makes on the bladder, which reduces the space in its reservoir.

But beware: even if you need to go to the bathroom more often, it’s important that you don’t neglect to hydrate yourself. What you can do to avoid the discomfort at night is not to consume large amounts of fluids for approximately 2 hours before bedtime.

How is the baby’s development going during the 10 weeks of pregnancy?

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is already moving inside the pregnant woman’s uterus, although these movements cannot yet be noticed. It is also considered that at this stage the most dangerous part of the baby’s development is already over, which means that the risk of miscarriages and fetal malformation has already decreased a lot.

Regarding the evolutions, it can be noted that, unlike the previous week, your little head is already more proportional to the rest of the body and that your spine is already drawn, even being perceptible by ultrasound all its contours and drawings as well. spinal cord, which is currently being formed.

Anyway, at 10 weeks of pregnancy all the baby’s main organs are already formed, including the kidneys are already functioning (all the amniotic fluid that the baby swallows can already be filtered by them), his genitals are in the process of finalization and already and the first tiny strands of hair begin to appear.

What is the size of the fetus at 10 weeks of pregnancy?

The 10-week-old fetal baby is approximately 3 centimeters, which is the size of a prune, and its average weight is 3 to 5 grams.

At 10 weeks of pregnancy is it possible to find out the sex of the baby?

Well, if it’s through conventional ultrasound, it’s still not possible to know the baby’s gender. However, there is an alternative that can be used to try to identify the sex ahead of time: the Fetal Sex exam and this can be performed in the 10th week of pregnancy.

It is a simple and practically painless blood test that can identify whether or not there is the Y chromosome, which characterizes the male sex, circulating in the mother’s bloodstream.

In other words, if the Y chromosome is detected when collecting the blood, it will indicate that the baby is male. Otherwise it’s a little girl.

What You Should Avoid During Week 10 of Pregnancy

As you saw above, your pregnancy is progressing very well and to ensure that it stays that way for the next few weeks it is essential that you continue to take some preventative measures.

Know what should be avoided by pregnant women at 10 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Coffee and foods that contain caffeine: this is undoubtedly a step that will be very difficult to take for those who LOVE coffee. However, considering that excessive caffeine consumption can harm the development of the fetus, it is more than necessary! If being completely caffeine-free is too difficult for you, talk to your doctor about the tolerable daily dosage and don’t go beyond that.
  • Very intense routine: as much as our routine is very busy and intense, during this period it is extremely essential that you slow down to be able to include moments of rest and even small naps during the day.
  • Cigarette: if smoking is bad for anyone, imagine for a pregnant woman? Therefore, if you were in the habit of smoking before pregnancy, stop immediately during 10 weeks of pregnancy and only come back after medical clearance (which most likely will only happen after the breastfeeding period).

What are the steps you should take in the 10th week of pregnancy

Now that you know what to avoid, it’s time to understand what steps to take during the week. Check it out:

  • Attend the prenatal consultation: the pregnant woman with 10 months of pregnancy most likely has already started prenatal care and it is even time to return to the doctor. So be sure to check the date of your return and do not miss the appointment, after all, medical follow-up is essential to ensure better health for you and the baby.
  • Carry out medical examinations: as well as the consultation, examinations such as ultrasound are essential for monitoring the gestational development. Therefore, perform all exams requested by the obstetrician you trust.
  • Eating well: A healthy, balanced diet is essential to ensure that you and your baby receive all the necessary nutrients. So whenever possible, prefer natural and fresh foods and prioritize home-cooked meals.
  • Hydrate yourself correctly: since the correct hydration will also help to keep your body healthy and the perfect evolution of your pregnancy, keep your bottle always close by to consume at least 2 liters of water daily.
  • Exercise: different from what many people think, the practice of physical activities by pregnant women can provide several benefits. With that in mind, fit a time to exercise into your routine and don’t forget to follow medical guidelines.

Well, hopefully it’s been clear what the main events and symptoms are during the 10th week of pregnancy. If you have any questions, be sure to comment on this post so we can clarify it.

And, to ensure more health and well-being for you and your baby throughout the gestational period, be sure to check out our next posts! We’ll soon be releasing more information about pregnancy so you know what happens from week to week.

See you around here ! To the next. 😊

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