13 Weeks of Pregnancy

When the mother arrives at 13 weeks of pregnancy, it is a sign that the second trimester of pregnancy begins and with it the anxiety grows more and more every day, especially for those who have not yet undergone the fetal sexing exam and are apprehensive to find out the sex of the baby.

During this period, the symptoms of early pregnancy are gone, but the pregnant woman may end up noticing new ones. We created this post so that you know what they are and understand everything that happens during the 13 weeks of pregnancy. Check it out below.

Symptoms at 13 weeks of pregnancy

As previously mentioned, the previous symptoms tend to disappear in the 12th and 13th week, but, due to the evolution of the pregnancy, it may be that the pregnant woman ends up noticing the presence of new ones.

It’s always good to remember that this is very personal and it doesn’t always happen with every woman. To evaluate your specific case, it is essential that you be evaluated by the obstetrician you trust, okay?

See what are the main symptoms of the 13th week of pregnancy:

The practice of activities such as: Pilates and yoga can help with back and leg pain during pregnancy.

back and leg pain

As the bulge of the pregnant belly appears, the pain in the back and/or legs will increase. This is common and you will probably get used to it, but if necessary, talk to your doctor to evaluate the best treatment to alleviate your discomfort.

A good option for this is the practice of Pilates or yoga during the next weeks of pregnancy, because, in addition to relieving pain, the practice of these activities can contribute to postural correction, increased resistance, improved breathing, etc.


Intestinal constipation can appear in the 13th week of pregnancy and to overcome this situation it is very important to keep an eye on your diet. Don’t forget to include fiber-rich foods such as pineapple, prunes, chickpeas, brown rice, broccoli, etc., and to hydrate yourself properly.

abdominal cramps

This is one more symptom that can end up appearing during 13 weeks of pregnancy and rest assured: this is not a cause for concern, unless it is accompanied by heavy bleeding or strong contractions. In this case, see your obstetrician to evaluate your case, okay?


Heartburn can also be noticed by some pregnant women at this stage of pregnancy due to the increase in the hormone progesterone in the blood and the increase and accumulation of gases in the body. To relieve it, you can eat some foods like: ice cream, chewing gum, basil, fermented drinks (like Yakult) or whole grains. Also, don’t forget about good hydration (about 2 liters of water a day).

frequent urination

Frequent urination is the symptom that lasts the longest during pregnancy and it is important that the pregnant woman is able to deal with it naturally so that she is not bothered every time she needs to go to the bathroom suddenly. These are actions you can take: avoid staying too long in a place that does not have a bathroom and drinking liquids before going to bed.

memory flaws

The faults in memory and concentration can be noticed by the mother in the 13th week of pregnancy and is explained by the hormones that are produced in excess during this period. To get around this situation, exercise your memory and practice physical exercises.

What happens in the pregnant woman’s body at 13 weeks of pregnancy

The pregnant woman’s body is changing more and more and every day her pregnancy becomes clearer. Veins, especially in the breast and abdomen region, are predominant and can be easily noticed.

During this period, the mother will already need to choose looser and more comfortable clothes, considering that the tight clothes will already be bothering her. A good option is even to start visiting specific stores for pregnant women.

As for weight gain, at this stage of pregnancy, the ideal is that the mother has gained 2kg. If you have exceeded this reference value much, it is recommended that the diet be re-evaluated and that the doctor be consulted to assess the condition.

Our tip is to avoid excessive intake of foods rich in sugars and fats and perform some physical activity, always accompanied by a health professional.

Baby development in the 13th week of pregnancy

The baby at 13 weeks pregnant is even more like a newborn. Therefore, a 3D ultrasound can be an excellent option to visualize its details.

Your hands and feet are already properly formed. However, they will still mature in the weeks to come. The same happens with the central nervous system of the fetus, which, for now, will take until the baby’s first year to finish developing.

Your joints, bones and muscles are getting stiffer and stronger, your bladder is already working properly, and your baby is already able to produce a small amount of white blood cells, although he still needs a supplement from Mom that will come through breastfeeding.

Speaking of the bladder, the fetus can now urinate correctly, which happens approximately every 30 minutes. The urine ends up in the bag and the placenta is responsible for the elimination of waste.

What is the size of the fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy?

At 13 weeks of gestation the baby measures approximately 5.4cm, measured from head to buttocks, similar in size to a pod. And its estimated weight is 14 grams.

At 13 weeks of gestation, is it possible to find out the sex?

And if you’re eager to know if your baby is a boy or a girl, there’s a good tip for you! From the 13th week of pregnancy onwards, it is already possible to discover the sex through ultrasound.

But beware! There are some factors to make this possibility viable, such as: the doctor’s experience, the quality of the exam image and the baby’s position. So see your obstetrician and ask him to assess the conditions, okay?

13 weeks pregnant is how many months?

The 13th week of pregnancy corresponds to the first week of the fourth gestational month.

Know what to expect in the second trimester of pregnancy

You’re starting your second trimester of pregnancy and we’ve put together some of the key events of this stage so you can plan:

  • Significant belly enlargement: If during the first trimester the belly enlargement was subtle or unnoticeable, in the next few weeks you will notice that the belly will increase in size quickly and gradually. But remember that this can vary greatly from woman to woman and it is essential that you consult your trusted doctor to check your pregnancy.
  • Discovery of the baby’s gender: it is also at this stage that you will discover the gender of your baby, which may even be during this week. So, you are already preparing your heart and planning to buy the first little outfits for the trousseau, choose the name… Ahhh, it really is a very pleasant period!
  • Baby’s first movements: the second gestational trimester really holds many surprises for dads, including making the dad feel more present and one of the reasons is that the baby’s first movements can be felt. At first they will be very light, as if they were some pets walking on your belly, but the intensity and frequency will increase over time and the pregnant woman’s connection with her baby too!

Food care at 13 weeks of pregnancy

During the 13th week of pregnancy it is very important to be careful with your diet to ensure your pregnancy continues to go well. The two main points that need attention are:

  • Avoid foods rich in sugar and fat: as we said before, as much as it is common and expected to increase the belly of the pregnant woman over the next few days, the exaggerated increase is not the most indicated. This is because overweight can end up causing health problems for the woman and even for the baby and needs to be controlled through nutrition and physical activity. As it is about food, the main thing is to avoid foods rich in sugar and fat and, whenever possible, opt for a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Increase your intake of calcium-rich foods: Calcium intake during 13 weeks of pregnancy will contribute considerably to the healthy development of your baby’s bones. Therefore, include foods such as yogurt, cheese and raw cabbage juice in your daily meals.

Well, we hope you were able to understand what are the main symptoms and events of the 13th week of pregnancy. But remember: these are just a few tips and for a personalized follow-up of your case and the guarantee of a healthy pregnancy, the help of an obstetrician is essential.

Did you have any questions regarding this matter? Comment on this post so we can clarify it. What’s more, keep following our blog to stay on top of everything that happens in pregnancy week by week!

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