14 Weeks of Pregnancy

Upon reaching 14 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman is already much more willing and her symptoms are already well reduced, which will make her feel more willing and excited to enjoy her pregnancy.

Speaking of having fun, this is perhaps an excellent time to tidy up the trousseau, the baby’s room and even to meet family and friends to share the news of the pregnancy, considering that it is likely that the dads already know the sex. of the baby and that the risks of abortion are already well minimized.

We created this post to let you know what are the other events and symptoms of 14 weeks gestation. Check it out below.

Symptoms at 14 weeks of pregnancy

Do you know all that discomfort at the beginning of pregnancy? Well, it practically disappears at 14 weeks of pregnancy. However, there are still some that will prevail and you will have to live with them for the next few weeks. But rest assured: they tend to be quite mild and don’t usually cause any concern, especially when monitored by your obstetrician.

Find out what are the symptoms of the 14th gestational week:

Nasal congestion

It is very likely that mothers notice a congested nose during this stage of pregnancy and the culprit of all this is the hormone progesterone, which, when produced in excess during pregnancy, ends up increasing circulation in the mucous membranes of the nose and causing gestational rhinitis. To alleviate this symptom you can choose to use a humidifier.

frequent urination

Yes, frequent trips to the bathroom should also continue. But the good thing is that by this time in the championship it’s likely that you’re used to it and don’t bother anymore, just don’t forget to avoid drinking too much before bed so you don’t have to interrupt your night’s sleep. often to pee.

Back pain

Back pain can also be noticed during the 14 weeks of pregnancy due to the weight and pressure that the uterus does and to relieve it you can do some physical activity or stretching, such as: Yoga, Pilates or Swimming. Ah, but before starting any activity, remember to consult your doctor to ensure that there is no contraindication for your case, agreed?!

excessive sweating

This is another symptom that can be noticed by mothers at 14 weeks of gestation and is explained by the increase in sweat glands. With this it becomes necessary to take greater care with your personal hygiene, even more that you are more susceptible to contract certain skin infections. If possible, prefer products with a neutral pH.

Development of the fetus at 14 weeks of pregnancy

By the 14th week of pregnancy, your baby is fully formed, although he is still very small. So now it’s time for him to start growing and gaining weight, very fast and steady.

During this period the umbilical cord is already well developed. He who is responsible for taking food to nourish the fetus and oxygen that will contribute to its development, growth and healthy and fast weight gain.

Some curious observations:

  • The baby already has a fingerprint, which is unique to every human being;
  • The hair that was formed in the previous weeks can now be seen also on the eyebrows and all over the body, as a small down;
  • With its face already formed and its nose in place, the baby is already able to express himself by frowning and frowning.

Baby size at 14 weeks of gestation

The fetus with 14 weeks of pregnancy measures approximately 8 centimeters, equivalent to the size of an onion and its weight is around 43 grams.

Changes in the pregnant woman’s body at 14 weeks of pregnancy

The changes in Mom’s body in the 14th week of pregnancy are now much more noticeable, as she will now have a rounder silhouette.

So, if you haven’t provided lingerie and pregnant women’s clothes yet, the tip we give you is to do it as soon as possible because your normal clothes will be tight in the next few days. There are even specific store options for pregnant women, it is worth checking out.

When does a pregnant belly bulge appear?

We mentioned earlier that your belly will already be rounder and you will have already noticed differences in your body during 14 weeks of pregnancy.

However, regarding the bulge of the pregnant belly, what we can tell you is that there is no specific date for its appearance, although the most common is that it appears during the 16th and 20th week.

This date can vary according to the stereotype of each woman and, unlike what many people imagine, the size of the belly has nothing to do with the size of the baby.

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, is it possible to know the sex of the baby?

Your baby at 14 weeks pregnant is already fully formed and yes, it is completely possible to find out the sex during this period. However, there are some situations that make viewing difficult, such as: ultrasound quality, fetal position, etc.

So be sure to consult your doctor to check on the possibility of finding out the sex during the 14-week ultrasound or if it will be necessary to wait a few more days, ok?!

Know what care is needed during the 14 weeks of pregnancy

You have already entered the second trimester of pregnancy and, even though the symptoms are already reduced and the risks of miscarriage as well, care needs to be redoubled to ensure that your pregnancy continues to progress well.

Check out what you should do over the next few days to maintain your health and that of your baby:

  • Be careful with the use of chemicals: if you use dyes or chemicals in your hair, be sure to talk to your doctor to assess what possibilities are available to you during this period. After all, it’s better to be overzealous than to be careless and harm your baby, isn’t it? (PS: the same goes for other aesthetic procedures that involve chemistry);
  • Use and abuse of creams: creams, especially on the breasts and bellies, can help a lot to keep your skin always hydrated and prevent the appearance of so unwanted stretch marks. So, talk to a good dermatologist or even ask for directions to your friends who have already gone through pregnancies and take care of yourself!
  • Avoid heels: high heels are beautiful and make us very elegant, we know! But during this stage of your pregnancy it is essential that you avoid them as they can cause swelling in your feet and even increase the chances of falling and tripping, which can be quite worrying during pregnancy.
  • Take care of your diet: healthy eating is important for everyone, but during pregnancy its importance is doubled. After all, in addition to you, you are also nurturing your baby. So, pay attention to the foods you eat and avoid excess fats and sugars.
  • Hydrate yourself well: just like food, proper hydration also provides several benefits for mom and baby. So don’t forget to stay hydrated (on average consuming 2 liters of water daily).
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages cause serious and irreversible consequences for the baby and should be avoided during the entire pregnancy. Therefore, to ensure your child’s health, it is ideal that you cut them off completely for the next few weeks.
  • Take care of the anemia: the anemia in pregnancy is something quite recurring, which has symptoms such as frequent tiredness, weakness, nasal bleeding and bruises throughout the body and causing considerable concern among moms. To avoid it, it is very important that you consume the ideal level of vitamins, especially B12, protein and iron. If necessary, consult a nutritionist to prepare a specific meal plan for you.
  • Exercise: the practice of physical activity during pregnancy provides several benefits and, if performed with caution and medical supervision, there is no problem. So choose a modality you like, consult your doctor to check if there are any contraindications and exercise! Your body and your baby are grateful for this.

Now that you know what the main events and symptoms are during the 14 weeks of pregnancy, it’s time to take the necessary precautions to ensure health and well-being for your gestational period.

Remembering that these are just a few tips and suggestions and an individualized monitoring of your pregnancy by an obstetrician you trust is essential.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please comment on this post so we can clarify it.

And, if you want more information about the next weeks of pregnancy, just keep following our blog . We will soon publish the other posts that will surely help you a lot.

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