18 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, the mother is reaching the end of the 4th month of pregnancy and this means that anxiety is taking over more and more. The baby is already moving a lot and now the mother can start to notice some small kicks, although they are still very subtle.

Do you want to know what are the other symptoms and events of the 18th week of pregnancy? Just keep reading this post we tell you!

Symptoms at 18 weeks of pregnancy

The symptoms listed below are quite common during 18 weeks of pregnancy and are usually not a cause for concern. But remember: not all moms will experience all symptoms, so even if you don’t have them or you have symptoms that aren’t on this list, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. In all cases, always keep your appointments up to date so that the doctor can evaluate you, agreed?

Check out the most common symptoms during the 18th week of pregnancy:

increased hunger

Increased hunger during pregnancy is a common symptom, after all, the mother starts to need to ingest nutrients not only for herself, but also for the baby. However, to prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy and ensure your baby gets the amount of nutrients he or she needs, it’s essential that you eat a healthy, balanced diet.


White discharge is quite common and to be expected during pregnancy. However, if they are accompanied by a foul odor, irritation to the site, or a brownish color, notify your doctor immediately as this may indicate the presence of an infection.

colostrum production

Before the baby is born, it is common for a viscous, transparent liquid to come out of your breasts. Its name is colostrum, which indicates that the preparation for milk production is all right. And remember: the more water you drink during pregnancy, the greater the guarantee that you will be able to produce a good amount of milk for your baby.


During pregnancy, your heart tends to work harder and, as a result, your blood sugar may drop, causing dizziness. Another reason that contributed to this is the compression of the veins caused by the uterus, making pregnant women even faint.

There are some tactics you can do to avoid these discomforts, such as: rest whenever possible, sleep on your left side to facilitate circulation and, in case of fainting, avoid getting up too quickly so that your body has time to recover. if.

Skin blemishes and pimples

A pregnant woman’s skin tends to get mottled and pimples during 18 weeks of pregnancy and this is also quite common. To avoid worsening these symptoms, you can choose to see a dermatologist or follow some pregnancy skin tips .

frequent urination

This is the most recurrent symptom in any pregnancy and it will certainly remain during this period. Chances are you’ve already managed to deal with it, but don’t forget that the main thing is to avoid drinking too much fluid before going to bed so that it doesn’t interfere with your night’s sleep.

Back pain

The more advanced your pregnancy, the more likely you are to have back pain. And this is justified by the pressure that the uterus makes. To avoid it, you can do stretching and physical activities for pregnant women, such as: Pilates, yoga, swimming, water aerobics and other options. However, never forget to ask your doctor if you are able to do them, okay?

Changes in pregnant women at 18 weeks of pregnancy

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, your belly starts to bulge out and this makes you feel better and the feeling of being pregnant is more evident. In addition, you are already starting to get annoyed with some hunches about your pregnancy, but the essential thing is that you take it easy to avoid external opinions influencing your well-being.

It is important to note that during this period and until the end of pregnancy, women can gain 500g to 1kg per week and so that this does not go out of control, it is essential that you control your diet, especially those who are hungry .

Development of the fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy

The development of the fetus at the 18th week of gestation is marked by his hearing, as he now hears his mother’s heartbeat and the noise that the movement of the blood flowing through the umbilical cord. In addition, over the next few days he will also hear Mom’s voice and decipher senses such as touch and hearing.

Check out the other advances of the 18 weeks of pregnancy:

  • The baby’s eyes become more sensitive to light;
  • Even though the baby continues to swallow only the amniotic fluid, his chest is already able to simulate the movement of breathing;
  • Fingerprints are already beginning to develop through the accumulation of fat that has been formed on the tips of the hands and feet;
  • The large intestine and digestive glands are being formed at an accelerated rate.

Size of fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy

The baby at 18 weeks of gestation measures approximately 14.2 cm, which refers to the size of a pear, and its estimated weight is 190 grams.

When does the pregnant woman begin to feel the baby’s first moves?

This is without a doubt one of the biggest anxieties of any mom, especially those who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time. Therefore, it is noteworthy that the answer to this question is not very exact since each organism works in a unique way.

But in general, the first kicks start to get noticed during the 18th week, and it is very likely that you will start to feel some very subtle kicks at this stage of the pregnancy.

What is the meaning of Uterine Height?

If you are attending prenatal consultations, surely you have been following the measurement that the obstetrician has been taking of your baby, right? Well, this measurement is called Uterine Height and its purpose is to assess the growth of the baby in the uterus to determine whether or not it is within your expectations.

For this, a measuring tape is used and it is measured from the height of the pelvis to where it is reaching at that moment, making the reference value to be the week of pregnancy in which the pregnant woman is.

How to include your partner in pregnancy?

If we said earlier that you need to take people’s hunches and take them naturally during the 18 weeks of pregnancy, the inclusion of the baby’s father is more than necessary and you should try to include him in every way. After all, this relationship will not only do you two good as a couple, but also him as the child’s father, ensuring that he feels like he belongs to this very special moment.

Here are some tips to make you able to include it in your pregnancy:

  • Study together about baby care: Take time to study about newborn and pregnancy together so you can learn how to handle this new experience in your life. A good tip is to prepare a delicious meal for this moment and make this moment, in fact, implemented in the routine;
  • Ask him for help with care during pregnancy and at home: this is without a doubt one of the coolest ways to make him belong to the moment. After all, he will feel useful and feel that he is really contributing something. Start asking him to help take care of pregnancy-related matters and when you are tired or unwell, ask him to take over the chores around the house;
  • Create pleasant moments for both of you: if now it’s still just the two of you at home, in a few months you’ll have a little one who will consume a lot of the couple’s attention. That’s why it’s extremely important that you organize moments for two and take time to do things you’ve always enjoyed doing;
  • Suggest that he study parenting: Just as you have been studying and reading articles about pregnancy, suggest that he read things related to parenthood. This will make him feel more interested in the subject and be more prepared for the baby’s arrival;
  • Ask for a suggestion when choosing the items for the trousseau and the bedroom: if you show that you care and are interested in his opinions, he will feel more belonging to the moment and we guarantee: the experience will be much more pleasant for both of you!

Well, we hope you have understood what the main symptoms and events of 18 weeks of pregnancy are. If you have any questions regarding this matter, just comment on this post and we clarify.

And for more information about the upcoming weeks of pregnancy, keep following our blog . In the next few days we will publish other posts that tell you everything that happens during pregnancy. We are waiting for you here!

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