2 weeks of pregnancy

In our previous post we mentioned that the symptoms of the 1st week of pregnancy are quite subtle and that many women are barely aware that they are pregnant. However, when the 2nd week of pregnancy begins, the list of symptoms tends to increase and makes them more noticeable to a greater number of women. In other words: at 2 weeks of pregnancy, the suspicion of pregnancy starts to be more frequent.

It is still during this period of pregnancy that the egg meets the sperm and all of your baby’s physical characteristics will be defined, such as: eye color, gender, height and more.

If you want to stay on top of everything that happens in the 2nd week of pregnancy and ask your questions regarding this subject, just continue reading this post. ????

2 weeks of pregnancy: what are the symptoms?

Before I tell you about the 2nd week of pregnancy symptoms and go deeper into what happens in the 2nd week of pregnancy, it is worth noting that it is necessary to assess the individual situation of each organism and not all pregnant women will experience all the symptoms and, on the other hand, neither all women who have one or more of the symptoms below must be pregnant. The first symptoms of pregnancy are very similar to PMS (premenstrual tension), for example. Try to understand your body and, if necessary, seek medical help, okay?

The main symptoms of pregnant women at 2 weeks of pregnancy are:

Sensitive and voluminous breasts

The stimulating hormones of the mammary glands will kick in to initiate breastfeeding preparation, resulting in more sensitive and voluminous breasts. This symptom can even make pregnant women begin to notice tighter bras, needing to opt for larger models.

Darkening of the halo

If in the 1st week of pregnancy this symptom was already a little visible, now the tendency is to become even more evident. This is due to swelling and increased blood flow to the area.

Tiredness, drowsiness and shortness of breath are common symptoms in the 2nd week of pregnancy

Once the body begins to suffer from metabolic adaptations for the baby’s development, it is normal for pregnant women to experience episodes of tiredness, sleepiness and shortness of breath throughout the day. And these symptoms tend to increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Back pains

Although it is a more characteristic symptom of the last weeks of pregnancy, there are some women who may experience back pain as early as the 2nd week of pregnancy. However, it is worth remembering that, like all the other symptoms on this list, this is not a rule and only happens in some cases.

Changes in smell and taste

The pregnant woman’s body ends up becoming more sensitive to certain sensations and one of the complaints is precisely the change in smell and taste. Women start to have aversions to certain odors, such as: perfumes, cigarettes, gasoline, some foods, etc., and they may also feel that their taste buds are altered when consuming certain types of food.

mood swings

Due to the bodily changes that occur during pregnancy and the imbalance in the levels of neurotransmitters, it is common for pregnant women’s mood to change suddenly. Bouts of crying or sudden irritability are among the signs of a sudden change in mood for no apparent reason.

Delay or absence of menstruation

This is without a doubt the most classic and noticeable symptom and the one that most helps women to discover that they are pregnant, especially those who have a regular menstrual period. It is noteworthy that the delay or absence of menstruation can be noticed from 2 weeks of pregnancy up to 4 weeks.

With 2 weeks of pregnancy, can you take the test?

Well, if you suspect you are pregnant and want to confirm whether or not a baby is on the way, you will need to take a blood test (beta-hCG) or a pharmacy. However, it is recommended to wait for the menstrual delay to ensure that the test will not have a false result.

If by chance your period is quite regular and you have already noticed the absence of it with or without the presence of another symptom(s) from the list above, the answer is YES! You can now take a test to find out whether or not you are pregnant.

If the first test performed is negative, the recommendation is that you wait between 5 or 7 days to perform a new test for confirmation or not of the first result, as it is common for the test to fail in the first days of pregnancy once blood levels of the hormone hCG are low and may not be detected at first.

What is the ideal time to look for a doctor and start prenatal care?

Medical monitoring during pregnancy is carried out by an obstetrician and consultations are periodic (monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily) according to your gestation period. You should start it as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed to ensure that everything is okay with your baby’s development.

Look for a doctor who gives you confidence, after all, he will be responsible for monitoring the entire period of your pregnancy and it is essential that you feel secure in your work. For this moment, references and indications are very welcome.

2 weeks of pregnancy: is the belly already noticeable?

Although some women may experience bloating from the 1st week of pregnancy and this may end up confusing them with a bulging belly of a pregnant woman, the answer to this question is NO. In the 2nd week of pregnancy the belly is not visible yet. It usually appears between the 16th and 20th week.

2 weeks of pregnancy: what happens?

The 2nd week of pregnancy is very important for the baby’s development since it is during it, more precisely at the end of the 2nd week, that fertilization occurs.

Fertilization is the process in which the egg meets the sperm, usually in the fallopian tube. At this moment, where only a single sperm among the thousands contained in the male semen fertilizes the egg, the baby’s physical characteristics are defined, such as: eye color, skin and hair, sex and height.

After that, the egg or zygote (names given to the fertilized egg) is divided into thousands of cells and goes to the uterus, which, in turn, prepares to receive it with a thicker thickness.

From then on, the fetus will start to develop more and more and the pregnant woman may have greater clues about her pregnancy in the coming weeks.

What To Avoid During Pregnancy

To ensure better health for you and your baby during pregnancy, it is important to follow some guidelines of what is not allowed and what to avoid during pregnancy.

So, if you have already found a pregnancy or are suspicious that you are pregnant, try to follow our tips and especially seek guidance from your doctor. Remember: your health and that of your baby must always come first!

Check out what you should avoid throughout your pregnancy:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages: the consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy is totally inadvisable, considering that women who consume alcohol in excess during pregnancy can cause serious damage to the baby’s development. In more serious cases, the baby can develop what we call “fetal syndrome from alcohol” that leaves serious sequelae such as mental retardation.
  • Use of medications: like alcoholic beverages, certain medications can end up harming the baby’s development and should not be consumed without medical authorization. Therefore, if you are pregnant or are suspicious of a pregnancy, seek medical help to ensure that the consumption of certain medication will not harm your baby.
  • Performing aesthetic procedures: surely you have heard that dyeing hair is not allowed for pregnant women, correct? So. This is another limitation that pregnant women need to respect and, I say more: there are other cosmetic procedures that are prohibited for pregnant women and, if you are in the 2nd week of pregnancy or suspect you are pregnant, seek medical advice before performing any cosmetic procedure for ensure it will not harm your baby.

It is worth mentioning that these are just a few tips and that there are other limitations for pregnant women. So, always seek information from your doctor responsible for prenatal care and do not do anything without prior authorization, ok? That way you and your baby are safe and secure.

Well, we hope that you were able to understand the main symptoms of women who are going through 2 weeks of pregnancy and what happens during this period. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please comment here in the post so that we can clarify it.

Oh, and don’t forget that understanding each stage of pregnancy is very important so that you can stay on top of what’s going on in your body and your baby’s development. So, if you want to know more about the next weeks of pregnancy, just keep following our blog and the next posts.

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