25 Weeks of Pregnancy

The 25 weeks of pregnancy are marked by the baby’s brain development, which in turn is getting smarter.

So smart that mom can even begin to notice some personality traits while pregnant, for example: if the baby becomes more agitated while listening to music or even while people are talking around him, it is likely that he is busier.

But if the baby insists on moving more when the mother is at rest, this is a great indication that she will be a more peaceful and quiet child. But of course: these are assumptions and everything can change after the baby is born.

But after all… What are the other symptoms and events of the 25th gestational week? That’s exactly what we’ll address in this post. Check it out below!

Symptoms at 25 weeks of pregnancy

During the 25 weeks, the pregnant woman tends to be more willing, however, the size of the belly prevents her from performing simple tasks.

This stage of pregnancy tends to be very comfortable for most women, since the symptoms of early pregnancy are gone and the discomforts of the end have not yet arrived. However, there are still some complaints that may be frequent during this period. See what they are:

Abdominal discomfort and weight

As the belly is already quite big and protruding, it tends to weigh and bother a lot, even being an obstacle to performing simple daily tasks. However, this is nothing despairing and the tendency is for the pregnant woman to adapt over time.

Back pain

Back pain that has been present from the first few weeks of pregnancy tends to intensify thereafter. And the reason is the same as the discomfort and heaviness of the abdomen: the protruding belly of the pregnant woman!

To alleviate these symptoms, our tips are: try to do stretching and/or physical activities that help with posture, such as: pilates, yoga and water aerobics (but always with your doctor’s approval), always be as rested as possible and go to bed. proper way.

frequent urination

Going to the bathroom, which is also quite frequent from the beginning of the pregnancy, starts to intensify even more during the 25 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential that you continue with the same precautions: avoid places that deprive you of going to the bathroom for a long period and do not drink a lot of liquids at night.

In some cases, appearance of urinary tract infection

During the 25th week of pregnancy it is common for mothers to have a urinary tract infection and if you suspect this, go quickly to an emergency room for an investigation.

Common symptoms of urinary tract infection are:

  • Urgency to urinate and have little or no urine;
  • Urine with bad smell;
  • Pain to urinate;
  • Burning to urinate.

Changes in pregnant women at 25 weeks of pregnancy

As we said earlier, this phase tends to be more comfortable for Mom. But if there’s something that bothers them it’s the size of the belly. This is because they are still not used to it and find it quite difficult to perform simple tasks, such as: getting up, bending down, going to bed and even sleeping.

To avoid these inconveniences it is necessary for the mother to start following some tips. Are they:

  • Choose comfortable clothes and shoes: as time goes on, uncomfortable clothes and shoes become more and more intolerable for Mom. So, go on to choose your loosest and most comfortable clothes and leave the high heels aside. You may also prefer to purchase some maternity-specific garments, so you will make sure you have the comfort you need and that the garments will fit the size of your belly.
  • Lie on your side (left): It has been proven that the best sleeping position for pregnant women is lying on your side and to the left side. That way you will be well-being and not harm your baby. So whenever you’re going to lie down and you’re not finding a position, remember that lying on your side is a good idea.
  • Always be rested: keeping sleep and rest up to date are essential to ensure quality of life and well-being during pregnancy, in addition to helping your health and that of your baby. Therefore, take small moments to rest throughout the day and prioritize a complete night’s sleep (with approximately 8 hours without interruption).
  • Avoid activities that cause you discomfort: if you have noticed that a certain activity causes you discomfort, the best thing to do is to avoid it so that these inconveniences are not recurrent and the worst: that they are not harmful to your health or to your health. drink.

Development of the fetus at 25 weeks of pregnancy

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, the main milestone with regard to fetal development is related to your brain that has been unfolding at every moment. It is very likely that all your brain cells already exist, although they are not yet connected (which will happen during the next gestational weeks).

In addition, it also takes place during the 25th week:

  • It is already possible to observe the color of your hair (but which can change after birth);
  • Since the baby still has a lot of space in the uterus, its movements are constant and intense and can be noticed not only by the mother, but also by other people;
  • The adrenal glands have already developed and have begun to release the hormone cortisol;
  • Adrenaline and norepinephrine can also circulate through the fetus’ organism in situations of stress and/or agitation;
  • His motor coordination is already much better, making the baby do several maneuvers with his hands throughout the day;
  • The baby’s head remains somewhat large in relation to the body, but not as disproportionate as in previous weeks;
  • The baby tends to yawn several times in order to try to regulate the amount of fluid or blood flowing through the lungs.

What is the size of the fetus at 25 weeks of pregnancy?

During the 25 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus measures approximately 34.6 centimeters, which is equivalent to the size of a cucumber and its estimated weight is 660 grams.

Baby Hiccup in Pregnancy: Normal or Dangerous?

First-time moms often end up worrying about their babies’ hiccups. But after all, are these movements normal or dangerous? Then we tell you that you can be completely calm that this is common, or better, expected.

Here’s what happens: during pregnancy the organs develop in stages and when the diaphragm starts working together with the stomach, hiccups occur. The hiccups in turn are considered the involuntary movements of the diaphragm, and when you feel them, you are getting the indication that everything is going well and healthy with your baby’s evolution.

What to do during 25 weeks of pregnancy

There are a few things you should do during the 25 weeks of pregnancy to ensure your health and well-being during this period. See what they are:

  • Do not neglect hydration (especially in the abdominal region and breasts): as mentioned in previous posts, it is not uncommon for stretch marks to appear during pregnancy and that is why you should be aware of the correct hydration of the skin. But beware: don’t forget to ask your dermatologist about which cream is the most suitable for pregnant women, ok?
  • Take all the vitamins prescribed by the obstetrician: creating a habit to religiously take all the vitamins that your doctor has given you is another measure that should be taken during the entire gestational period, as only then will you have the guarantee that everything will go well for the nutritional development of the your baby.
  • Sunbathe in the morning: the sun will do you a lot of good, especially on the breasts. So plan to sunbathe daily (without exceeding it, of course!) and if possible leave the nipples exposed so that they can strengthen.
  • Perform complementary tests: this is an excellent time to check your blood glucose curve to know how your blood glucose is going, as well as other routine tests. So don’t be careless and go to your doctor to see the need for tests to be performed during this period.
  • Provide the baby’s trousseau and the baby’s room: so, how are the preparations for the trousseau and the baby’s room going? It’s always good to remember that there are some stores that take a long time to deliver and assemble the furniture and that’s why preparing in advance is the best option, and in the final stages of pregnancy you won’t be so willing to take certain steps. So it’s good to streamline!

Well, we hope you have understood what the main symptoms and events are by 25 weeks of pregnancy. If you have any questions regarding this matter, just comment here and we will clarify.

But remember: the information contained here is not a substitute for prenatal care, okay? Keeping appointments up to date is extremely important for your baby’s healthy development.

Oh, and if you’re interested in following what happens in the next gestational weeks, just keep following our blog and we’ll publish the other posts here. To the next!

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