34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Upon reaching 34 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus already has an excellent development. Even if the baby is born during that week, it is likely that he will survive without any major health complications.

It is during this week that doctors notice that the baby is already upside down, an ideal position for a safe normal birth. So if your baby isn’t like that, don’t despair! He has until week 37 to turn and you can do some exercises that are safe to stimulate him. Talk to your doctor about.

Regarding the pregnant woman’s symptoms, as she is now in the final gestational stretch, the symptoms tend to be more intense and commonplace and it becomes even more necessary to take some precautions to relieve them.

Do you want to know what is the care of the mother, besides the main symptoms and events of the 34 weeks of pregnancy? Just keep reading this post!

Symptoms at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, the mother is already in the final stretch of pregnancy and this indicates that the symptoms are more intense and constant. But rest assured: most of the time the symptoms are to be expected and do not pose any danger to you or your baby’s health.

However, if you feel something that worries you, be sure to let your doctor know so he can examine you and let you know if there is something wrong with you or your baby, ok?

Here are the main symptoms of 34 weeks of pregnancy:

Hip pain or numbness

In the 34 gestational weeks, the woman may start to experience pain or numbness in the hip, which tends to get worse when walking. These conditions are a result of preparing the pregnant woman’s pelvic region for childbirth, causing loosening of the joints.

itchy breasts

It is common for pregnant women to have itchy breasts, especially during the growth period (which is quite common in this gestational stage). To avoid the appearance of stretch marks, we recommend constant hydration with vitamin E-based creams.

training contractions

The training contractions , also known as Braxton Hicks contractions are still very present in this stage of pregnancy and have symptoms such as mild cramping and hard belly.


Heartburn, which can be frequent from the beginning of pregnancy, tends to be more frequent during this gestational period and is closely related to your diet and the amount ingested. Therefore, talk to your doctor about the need for dietary changes and/or the inclusion of medication to relieve symptoms.

Back pains

As a pregnant woman’s belly develops, back pain tends to increase more. And so that this symptom is not so uncomfortable, the ideal is for the mother to take short rests throughout the day, exercise and stretch and maintain a regular night’s sleep.


Swelling is another long-awaited common throughout pregnancy that tends to get worse in the final stage. And this is justified due to the weight gain and fluid retention that the mother suffers during this period. To relieve it, try taking breaks during the day to lift your legs, and avoid too tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes and of course: always keep your hydration up to date (drink at least 2 liters of water daily).


Cramps are also quite frequent in the 34 weeks of pregnancy and the tendency is for them to remain until the last moments of pregnancy. To alleviate them, our tips are: stretch daily, stretch the affected area during occurrences, drink plenty of fluids, and include foods rich in magnesium in your diet.

Lack of air

At 34 weeks of gestation, the tendency is for the uterus to be compressing the lung, which consequently hinders the passage of air and causes shortness of breath. So whenever this happens try to sit down, relax and breathe deeply to control your breathing again.


Insomnia can give the air of grace in the 34th gestational week due to the physical and emotional discomfort that this week provides. After all, there are many fears, concerns and anxieties, in addition to all the physical symptoms that pregnant women have been feeling throughout the days, which consequently make it difficult for them to have a good night’s sleep.

To prevent this symptom from recurring, you can create a sleep routine, take warm baths and relaxing teas.

frequent urination

Frequent urination is one of the symptoms that most hinder the pregnant woman throughout pregnancy and the result of this is the pressure that the uterus makes on the bladder, reducing its reservoir. But the good news is that this passes soon after birth and your habits will soon return to normal.

Changes in pregnant women at 34 weeks of pregnancy

The main physical changes in pregnant women are related to the extra weight of their belly that are making it difficult for them to do their daily tasks. Therefore, it is very important that the husband, family and friends of expectant mothers start to contribute more.

In addition, it is common for them to be nervous, anxious and tired, and some precautions need to be taken to ensure that their health and well-being will not be harmed. We’ll talk about that later.

How is the development of the fetus going at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus, which is already bigger and fatter, has smoother-looking skin and already has a larger layer of fat around the body, which is of enormous importance (regulate body temperature outside the uterus after the birth).

See what other events marked the development of the fetus during the 34 gestational weeks:

  • The central nervous system and immune system continue to develop;
  • The lungs are practically developed;
  • Hearing is also practically fully developed, being an excellent time to talk a lot with your child;
  • The bones are already stronger, although those in the skull are not yet fully connected (which will facilitate passage through the vaginal canal in a normal birth);
  • In the case of boys, the testicles begin to descend during this gestational stage. However, it is common for one or two of them not to arrive in the correct position before your birth or even during your first year.

Fetal size at 34 weeks of pregnancy

At 34 weeks of gestation, the estimated size of the fetus is 45 centimeters, which is equivalent to the size of a pineapple, and its approximate weight is 2,150 grams.

Learn how to relax during 34 weeks of pregnancy

Relaxing during the final stretch of pregnancy is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of both mother and baby. However, with so much anxiety and events involved, this task tends to be very complicated for most women.

With that in mind, we have separated some tips that will help you to know how to avoid stress and control anxiety during the 34 gestational weeks to prepare your psyche for the birth of your baby. See what they are:

  • Create a sleep routine: Pregnant women are often very sleepy and still avoid “sleeping too much” so as not to appear lazy (except for those who suffer from insomnia). This is a mistake because sleeping will help you to be relaxed, willing and calm, as well as helping your baby stay calm during pregnancy and after birth. So the best thing is that you have a sleep routine to sleep as much as you can;
  • Relax with pleasant music: during the end of pregnancy, it is ideal that you avoid busy and hectic places that will make you even more anxious. Instead, relax with your feet elevated to pleasant music;
  • Take pleasant walks: if you want to take a walk, try to take pleasant walks that will give you well-being. Outdoor tours are an excellent option and will even help you to replace vitamin D, essential for your health;
  • Look for pleasant company: try to have people close to you who will put you up, help you and above all calm you down whenever necessary;
  • Take warm baths: Warm baths are an excellent form of relaxation. So let the water fall down your back, belly, close your eyes and relax! I’m sure you will enjoy this moment a lot;
  • Exercise regularly: Physical activities such as stretching and walking can greatly help your relaxation. So talk to your doctor so he can tell you whether or not you can do them and include them in your routine whenever possible;
  • Do foot bath: this is an excellent option to relax and also to deflate your legs and feet. Prepare a bowl of warm water and tea bags of chamomile, fennel or whatever you like, then put your feet up, close your eyes and relax;
  • Eat healthy: a healthy and balanced diet is very important for you to guarantee the necessary nutrients for you and your baby and to help you control stress and anxiety. Therefore, include foods such as fruits, vegetables and natural juices in your daily diet.

So, were you able to understand the main symptoms, events and cares of the 34 weeks of pregnancy? We hope so! If you have any questions about this matter, just comment here and we will clarify.

And if you want to know what are the events of the next gestational weeks, just keep following our blog . We are waiting for you here. To the next!

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