4 Weeks of Pregnancy

When you reach 4 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms become even more evident and the chances of discovering that you are pregnant are even greater. This is a response to the evolution of pregnancy and the increase in beta HCG hormone in the body.

It is still during the 4th week of pregnancy that you can finally officially consider yourself pregnant, considering that in the previous weeks only your body was pregnant, preparing for fertilization.

We created this post so you can stay on top of everything that happens in the 4 weeks of pregnancy. Check it out below.

Symptoms at 4 weeks of pregnancy

As stated before, when entering the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, it is very common for symptoms to start to become more evident, intense and frequent. In fact, it is from that date that most mothers suspect and find that they are pregnant.

See below what are the main symptoms of pregnant women at 4 weeks of pregnancy:

Delay or absence of menstruation at 4 weeks of pregnancy

This is without a doubt the most evident sign in this period of pregnancy. As it would probably be time for menstruation to go down, women begin to notice its absence and begin to suspect that they are pregnant. This symptom may or may not be accompanied by other symptom(s) mentioned in this list.

Swollen and/or sore breasts

There are women who feel sensitive, swollen and/or painful breasts from the first days of pregnancy, but when entering the 4 weeks of pregnancy, this symptom tends to get worse. All this is explained by the fact of the increase in blood in the region and the increased production of hormones to favor the production of milk that will soon begin.

Increased urinary frequency

This is another symptom that can be noticed before, but as the days go by, the tendency is to get worse. And the justification is the reduction of the bladder reservoir when pressed by the uterus, an action that happens throughout pregnancy.

Excessive tiredness for no apparent reason

Pregnant women may also experience, from the first days of pregnancy until the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, excessive tiredness for no apparent reason. The reason for this symptom is increased production of the hormone progesterone. In some cases, this tiredness can be accompanied by unusual drowsiness.

mood swing

As hormone production continues to rise to ensure the body is prepared for pregnancy, pregnant women can suffer from unexplained mood swings in these first 4 weeks of pregnancy. So if you’re really happy and suddenly gives you reason to cry or get angry, don’t be scared: this is all the fault of hormones!


Very similar to menstrual period cramps, this is one of the most complaining symptoms for pregnant women during the 4 weeks of pregnancy. So, if the mother is not yet suspicious of the pregnancy, it is very likely that she will be waiting for her period for the next few days.

headache or migraine

This is another symptom of 4 weeks of pregnancy, especially for moms who are already prone to migraine attacks. Therefore, the best thing is that, as soon as they see the pregnancy, they talk to the obstetrician to understand what can be done to alleviate this symptom during pregnancy.

belly swelling

During this period it is very common for pregnant women to notice some swelling in the abdominal region. This is explained by the excess gas produced, which is another common symptom in early pregnancy.

4 weeks of pregnancy: changes in the body

Although your body is completely different to receive your baby and you are already starting to experience some symptoms that indicate this, the only visible difference in the appearance of your body is the breasts, which may be larger than normal and with nipples and areolas darkened.

The belly, in turn, does not have any pregnant bumps, although it is swollen due to gas. It should only start growing after the 16th week.

What Happens at 4 Weeks of Pregnancy

During the 4 weeks of gestation, fertilization and nidation have already taken place and the fertilized egg is already in the uterus and the zygote is now an embryo. From there, the first thing to be formed in the baby is the neural tube, giving rise to its spine and brain.

Therefore, we can say that the 4th week of pregnancy is one of the most important of any pregnancy, considering that the proper formation of this tube is essential for the correct development of your baby. It will then be divided into layers to form bones, organs, skin, eyes and mouth.

4 weeks of pregnancy can you take the test?

If you were anxious waiting for the exact moment to take your pregnancy test, you can celebrate: this time has arrived! Most pregnant women take the test exactly at this time. But it is worth remembering that, more important than the weeks of pregnancy, you should check whether or not your period has been delayed before taking the test.

With 4 weeks of pregnancy, the tendency of the test to fail is smaller, since in this period the production of the hormone beta HCG is already much higher and amazingly: its amount in the blood doubles every 48 hours. So, even if you do a first test and it is negative, repeat it after a day to make sure the result, ok?

4 weeks of pregnancy: is it time to start prenatal care?

If you took a pregnancy test, found that you are pregnant and want to know when to start prenatal care, we will answer you: as soon as possible! It is essential that you have medical care from the beginning of your pregnancy to ensure much better health for you and your baby.

Therefore, seek recommendations, references and indications from obstetricians to start your prenatal care as soon as possible. In this first appointment, he will check your health, your baby’s health and give you the necessary guidance for the next stages of your pregnancy.

Ah, if your doubt is whether with this time of pregnancy you will be able to have an ultrasound, this is quite relative, as your baby is still very small (smaller than a grain of rice), and possibly not visible to naked eye by ultrasound. Therefore, this will depend on the medical assessment.

Necessary care for a healthy pregnancy

You are already 4 weeks pregnant and for your pregnancy to continue going well, it is very important that you take some precautions. Check out some of them below:

  • Start supplementing with folic acid : folic acid is essential for the healthy development of your baby’s nervous system and, as he is already in the process of developing the neural tube, the intake of this vitamin is extremely important at this time. There are several foods that are rich in folic acid, such as: dark leafy vegetables, lentils, strawberries, wheat and rice flakes, beets, asparagus, etc. But to ensure that you are consuming the recommended daily amount, discuss with your doctor the possibility of including a vitamin supplement.
  • Eat well: In addition to eating foods rich in folic acid, eating well and balanced will be essential to ensure much more health and well-being for you and your baby. Therefore, prioritize healthy and natural foods throughout your pregnancy.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake: if you love a cup of coffee, we’ll have to tell you that too much caffeine is bad for your baby. Therefore, limit daily consumption to a maximum of 200mg of coffee.
  • Hydrate Properly: Keeping your body hydrated is also very important to ensure better health for you and your baby. Therefore, drink an average of 2 liters of water daily.
  • Catch up on your sleep: catching up on your sleep is essential for your physical and mental health, essential for a smooth pregnancy. Therefore, whenever possible, take time to rest and prioritize a peaceful and pleasant night’s sleep.
  • Consult a physician for more health tips: consulting an obstetrician is essential so that you know what other precautions you need to take during pregnancy. So don’t forget to get informed during your appointment and take care!

So, were you able to understand what are the main symptoms of pregnant women at 4 weeks of pregnancy and what happens during this period? We hope so! If you have any doubts regarding this topic, be sure to comment here in the post so that we can clarify it.

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