5 Tips to reduce dirt on BLW

This is undoubtedly the main concern of those who are thinking of doing BLW with their little ones. Whenever I talk about the method, one of the first questions I am asked is: but what about dirt?

With my experience with Olivia , who is now 2 years old and does a lot less mess, I learned some things that helped me to get around this problem . I’ll list below all the items I used in her food introduction that helped me not freak out with the mess.

1 – Long Sleeve Bib

This was definitely (and is, because she still uses) the cat’s jump ! Sleeve bibs help preserve clothes. After all, they are already so dirty, imagine if each meal was an extra laundry in the washing machine!?

In addition, Olivia’s AI started in April, just when temperatures begin to drop here in the South. At 9 months of it, we were in the dead of winter . There was no way to get her dirty and wet, it would certainly hinder the process. She was going to start crying, she was going to get cold and I couldn’t make her so comfortable to eat.

In addition to the long sleeve , the bibs we use here are waterproof and have a crumb pocket . Look how beautiful this model here:

I found this type of bib with a great price at Dafiti , if you want to take advantage of this offer, click on the button above.

2 – Rug/towel on the floor

For the floor, the solution was to buy those plastic towels that they sell by meter in bazaars and hardware. It’s cheap and practical , super easy to clean. At the end of the meal, all you had to do was pass a cloth.

Today, at 2 years old, we no longer need that towel. Something still falls to the ground, but much less than at the beginning. So, as you may have heard around: calm down!

3 – Easy-to-clean seat

Another important tip is to avoid buying those padded seats full of details. They can be pretty and everything, but when it’s time to clean it’s that soap opera.

The simpler the chair, the better . Olivia has this model seat in the photo. She still uses it without the tray, now she eats directly on the table.

It is portable, lightweight, easy to install and easy to clean. I highly recommend it!

4 – Assembling the plate

One of the mistakes of those who suffer a lot from dirt is overfilling the baby’s plate . In addition to increasing the expectation of the amount of food that will be eaten, the risk of the child dropping the plate, overturning everything, kneading it with their hands , etc. increases.

It is best to add food little by little, as the baby eats. No need to fill the plate too much.

Also, using the right cuts on the BLW helps baby to hold food more easily, bite, pick up and drop more easily. Therefore, study the right cuts to make life easier for the child and also to avoid further mess.

You may be interested in the article Menu for Babies from 6 Months to 1 Year , in which we also talk about the assembly of the little dish.

5 – Relax!

The fifth and final tip is: relax! Yes, let the baby feel free. Apply these tips to lessen the mess but don’t get bored with it . Then just clean and that’s it. The most important thing is that the child has the freedom to explore food. This will make a total difference in this all-important AI process.

And like all other phases, it passes! Week after week, month after month, you see the evolution . It gets easier as you and your baby learn together and improve the timing of the meal.

Enjoy every moment of your child’s development. If you enjoyed this article, read our other content that will also be very useful in the Food Introduction . If you have any questions, write us or leave us in the comments. We want to help!

Dr. Tabriella Perivolaris, Sara's mother and fan of fashion, beauty, motherhood, among others, about the female universe. Since 2018 she has been working as a copywriter, always bringing to her articles a little of her experience and experience as a mother and woman.

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