6 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 6 weeks of pregnancy, it is very common for future dads to start feeling a mixture of sensations that can range from joy, euphoria and optimism to sadness and pessimism. This reaction is normal and not something to worry about as they are going through something new and it is normal for them to have a lot of questions and concerns.

It is still during this period that the symptoms of pregnancy intensify, making pregnant women feel psychologically shaken more easily. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the support of the baby’s father, close family members (who know about the pregnancy during this period) and, of course: a trusted obstetrician.

We created this post to inform you with the main information about symptoms, changes and tips about the 6 weeks of pregnancy. Check it out below.

Main symptoms of pregnant women at 6 weeks of pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, the symptoms become more intense, and by then you will likely experience them quite often.

However, if you’ve reached the 6th week of pregnancy and haven’t had severe symptoms yet, you can celebrate! For pregnant women who do not develop symptoms in early pregnancy, the tendency is to remain that way until the end of it.

Check below what are the main symptoms of pregnant women at 6 weeks of gestation:

Morning sickness at 6 weeks of pregnancy

It is common for morning sickness to be felt from the 4th week of pregnancy onwards , but the period of greatest intensity is only at 6 weeks of gestation, being even the most frequent symptom for this period. So, if you are going through this situation, the important thing is to try to eat lighter meals in the morning and always stay hydrated by consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day.

abdominal cramps

Abdominal cramps are also often a frequent complaint in the 6th week of pregnancy. Although it is common, if it is very strong and persistent and accompanied by pelvic pain, the recommendation is that the woman seek an obstetrician as soon as possible so that he can examine her to see if the embryo is inside the uterus or if it is treated. of an ectopic pregnancy.

increased urinary frequency

Another symptom that is also common from the first weeks and will last until the end of pregnancy is urinary frequency. It is very common for pregnant women at 6 weeks of pregnancy to continue with more desire to pee than usual due to the pressure that the uterus puts on the bladder, reducing its reservoir.

Inexhaustible tiredness and sleep

Due to the high production of hormones, pregnant women at 6 weeks of gestation live tired and/or sleepy and this is completely normal. The best thing to do in this case is to try to rest as much as possible so that this symptom is not as harmful to you and your routine.


Intestinal constipation is also quite common at this stage of pregnancy and, to avoid it, it is ideal that the worsening of this symptom, it is ideal that you have a light and balanced meal including fiber sources and without forgetting the correct hydration.

What are the changes in Mom’s body that can be noticed at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Although the apparent changes are almost imperceptible at 6 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body has already undergone major changes in bone structure and in all organs.

Such transformations changed the rhythm of breathing, metabolism, blood circulation, liver and bowel function, justifying most of the symptoms that pregnant women have at this stage of pregnancy.

How is the baby developing at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

The fetus is approximately 4 millimeters in size and, despite being very small, it manages to develop very quickly. Your heart rate can now be seen through an ultrasound, and the lungs, which take a long time to fully develop, begin to appear through a small sprout between your baby’s mouth and esophagus.

Folic acid supplementation that you may have started before is still essential at this stage. If you are still unaware of the importance of this vitamin for pregnancy, be sure to ask your doctor and start taking it as soon as possible to help the healthy development of the fetus.

What to ask during medical appointments?

By 6 weeks of pregnancy you have probably started prenatal care and your doctor has already given you the first information about your pregnancy and what you should do for a healthy pregnancy. From then on, you will have many doubts, especially if you are a first-time mom.

Our recommendation is that you use your cell phone notebook to record all the questions you have so you can ask them at your next appointment.

Oh, and speaking of appointments, be sure to follow the appointment dates to the letter so that your follow-up is done as often as necessary and that the doctor can closely monitor your baby’s entire development, ok?

Tips on How to Contain Anxiety During Pregnancy

As stated earlier, it is quite common for moms and dads to get quite anxious during this period of pregnancy. Although it’s common and in most cases not worrying, we’ve put together some tips on what can be done to prevent anxiety from setting in for good. Check it out:

  • Try to stay calm: Even if the pregnancy was unplanned, trying to stay calm is essential to ensuring health and well-being for you and your baby. So try to view the situation positively and do activities that help you calm down, such as listening to relaxation music, reading a book or doing breathing exercises .
  • Announce pregnancy at the right time: many people say that the correct time to announce the pregnancy is after the first three months, considering after this period the chances of miscarriage drop 50%. However, especially if you are a first-time mom, waiting all this period can end up causing you even more anxiety. So the correct thing is for you and the baby’s father to assess what you want: wait the three months or tell (to the closest people) about the pregnancy before that period. The choice must be personal and carefully considered.
  • Take care of your body: Taking care of your body is another essential attitude that will contribute not only to the anxiety going away, but also to the health of the mother and baby. So, eat properly, hydrate, and, if cleared by your doctor, do light, relaxing physical activity (yoga is an excellent option in this case).
  • Take care of your mind: Just as important as taking care of your body is taking care of your mind. So try to do things you like, such as: reading books, watching movies and series, listening to music, taking trips that interest you, among others.
  • Sleep well: sleep is very important to keep you and your baby healthy. So try to sleep at least 8 hours a night and keep yourself rested as much as possible.
  • Take natural tranquilizers (under medical advice): it may not seem like it, but natural tranquilizers help (a lot!) to contain anxiety during the 6 weeks of pregnancy. So, whenever possible, consume passion fruit juice or chamomile tea and notice the differences they make in your body. Ah, but beware: be sure to consult your doctor, ok? Even though it is something natural and most of the times harmless for your health, it is important to have a doctor’s advice on what should and should not be consumed during your pregnancy.
  • Prepare for the baby’s arrival: this is a moment that generates a lot of anxiety for mom and dad and to avoid that this gets in your way, the ideal is that you are prepared. An interesting tip is to make a checklist of what needs to be done so that you have control of the situation and can plan on time and with peace of mind, for example: when to start the renovation of the room? And the clothes and accessories? When will we buy? This type of planning will not only help you to be calmer, but also so that you can have greater financial and time control. It’s really worth it!

Well, we hope that you have been able to clarify your main uncertainties regarding the 6th week of pregnancy and that you can be more relaxed now. But, if you still have any doubts about this period of pregnancy, do not forget to comment here so we can clarify it.

Oh, and don’t forget that medical help is essential during the 6 weeks of pregnancy so that you can have the necessary security to ensure much more health and well-being for you and your baby, okay? Search for references and start your prenatal care as soon as possible.

For information about the upcoming weeks of pregnancy, be sure to follow our blog . We will soon publish the next posts so that you can stay on top of what happens from week to week in pregnancy.

See you around here. To the next!

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