Benefits of beets for the baby

Beetroot is a very nutritious food that can be on the baby’s menu from 6 months of age . You can prepare baby food or offer it boiled, steamed or roasted and in larger pieces, if you have chosen BLW.

The fact is that beetroot is a great food for the little ones, as well as being delicious. And that’s why today we’ve brought you this list of five baby beet benefits .

Be sure to also check out our Beetroot Food Recipe , if you offer food in the form of baby food.

Let’s get to know the benefits of this food?

1 – Helps to fight and prevent anemia

Because it contains iron and folic acid , beets are a great ally in combating and preventing anemia in babies.

That’s because if consumed regularly it can help in the formation of blood cells and iron supply to the body.

2 – Contains calcium, an important mineral for babies

Calcium plays a fundamental role in the formation of bones and teeth and, therefore, its consumption in childhood is so important.

Furthermore, this mineral is also necessary for the perfect development of muscles and nerves .

3 – Improves bowel function

Because it is rich in fiber , beetroot improves bowel function, facilitating intestinal transit.

Cases of constipation are very common at the beginning of the introduction of food, so it is important to include foods with fiber in the baby’s diet.

Without forgetting, of course, to always offer water and breast milk , to ensure the necessary hydration.

4 – Strengthens the immune system

Beetroot also contains vitamin C , known to strengthen the immune system and prevent disease and infection.

At this stage the child needs about 50mg of vitamin C per day. And 100g of beetroot contains 5mg of the vitamin. Therefore, vary the food supply to ensure this nutrient supply.

5 – It’s versatile

In addition to the variety of preparations (boiled, steamed, roasted, salad, etc.) beetroot can also be included in recipes such as beetroot risotto, beetroot bread and beetroot pancake dough .

Also remember that the leaves and stalks are also rich in nutrients , so don’t waste them. A good idea is to chop everything and include it in sauces, omelets and other preparations.

And then, convinced to include beets in the baby’s meals? Ah, if you offer food in the form of baby food, be sure to check out our recipe for Sugar Beet Food , which is super nutritious!

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