Best Baby Activity Mats: Complete Guide 2021

For the healthy development of children, stimuli are needed. Therefore, games must be presented from an early age, in order to improve some motor and cognitive senses. With this, know some options of the best activity mats for babies that can be used from the first weeks of life to 12 months or more.

That’s because they have several characteristics that will help your baby to test and improve motor coordination, abdominal muscles, movements, color recognition, among others.

So, to learn more about choosing and tips for the best baby activity mats of 2021, read on and discover so much more!

Best Baby Activity Mats of 2021

Activities and games are fundamental for child development. This is because, from an early age, they will contribute to the aptitudes of the senses, as well as reasoning, motor coordination, interaction with the external environment and, above all, tests of how things work. What is easily noticed after 12 months.

However, it is noteworthy that these activities are recommended from the first months, stimulating at first sight and touch, which at this stage have a wide capacity for improvement based on sensitivity. Therefore, in this age group, activity mats are highly recommended, as they work with these points, as well as accommodating the baby in a comfortable and effective way for adequate stimuli.

Therefore, remember to pay attention to some characteristics that will allow an adequate choice, such as product material, dimension, extra toys that attract attention, stimulus options, among others.

So, to help you choose, we are going to present the best activity mats for babies , which are also the best sellers and recommended on the internet. Want to know more? So keep reading!

Gymini Dinamic Rug Meadow Day Collection – Tiny Love


  • Type of mat: Gym
  • Carpet dimensions: 110 x 90 x 45 cm
  • Age indication: from 0 years old

If you want a baby activity mat that is suitable for different stages of growth, in addition to stimulating motor and sensory skills, our first tip is the Gymini Dinamic Meadow Day Collection Mat from Tiny Love. This is because it is a gymnasium model and so, it contains several toys and options for learning and fun.

The rug is made of quilted fabric, fluffy and very comfortable to sit or lie down. And it has an ideal size for a child’s first year of life, as it allows them to stay in different positions and even start crawling. The dimension is 110 x 90 cm and the handles that suspend the toys, when assembled, are up to 45 cm.

In the fabric of the rug there is a colorful and fun print with animals and also comes with a rabbit pillow, which can be used for bedtime or activities with the baby.

On the handles hang 6 different toys in multiple textures that attract and work the touch and vision. In addition to the noise that some of them produce, arousing attention and hearing.

The central bird, for example, can be placed in different positions on the handles, allowing the child to reach it when lying on its stomach. It also reproduces recorded sounds and music, as well as colored lights in soft tones, making it a viable option for moments of interaction as well as relaxation. Among the toys there is also a mirror that is functional for this age group, aiding in vision, perception and recognition.

And to make it easier, it can also be washed in the washing machine without causing damage, making it practical to use on a daily basis and even be taken on trips and trips. Thus, if we intend to invest in an activity mat that can be used from the first months of life to the end of childhood, helping in learning and development, our first indication is the Gymini Dinamic Meadow Day Collection Mat by Tiny Love.

ABC portable rug – Girotondo Baby


  • Type of mat: Common
  • Carpet dimensions: 2.0 cm X 1.40 m
  • Age indication: from 0 years old

If you prefer an ordinary activity mat, which is ideal for use from birth to late childhood, a great suggestion is Girotondo Baby’s ABC Portable Mat. That’s because it’s foldable and easy to carry, and comes with a bag that makes it easy to take it anywhere.

At the top it has a fun and colorful print, with animals, figures and objects that draw the letters of the alphabet. And at the bottom it has non-slip, which results in a safe and suitable product for any floor and environment. In addition, to ensure even more confidence, this mat has thermal insulation that does not allow the cold floor to come into contact with the child, making them equally comfortable.

It is soft, with a 1 cm foam, which guarantees the quilted texture and also has a large dimension, being 2.0 x 1.40 m, making it functional even for decorating and occupying spaces intended for games, such as for example, bedrooms and games room.

It can also be cleaned easily, just by wiping it with a damp cloth. However, it is not considered a toy and therefore, children should be prevented from taking the mat to their mouths.

In addition, it is a great choice for games and activities, and can be used for long periods in a safe and suitable way for entertainment and learning activities.

Tapete Deluxe Gymini Tiny Princess – Tiny Love

If what you’re looking for is a smaller indoor activity mat, but adequate and functional to develop various sensory and motor skills, our tip is the Deluxe Gymini Tiny Princess Mat by Tiny Love.

It has a quilted and very soft fabric with colorful designs and in some parts it has textures and embossing, which help to work the touch and sensitivity. At the top there are two straps that cross and hang the toys, which are also in different textures and have different noises, which work with hearing from an early age.

Among these toys there is a mirror that encourages the baby to be in a prone position and also a bird that can be moved to different places on the handle. It also emits sounds and lights in soft tones that arouse children’s attention and curiosity. There are 20 different melodies and works for up to 30 minutes in a row, and can even help in relaxation and sleep processes.

As it is a gym type, the toys are positioned in order to stimulate the baby’s movements, helping him to roll over, lie on his stomach and even sit, also strengthening the muscles, aiding healthy growth.

So, if you are looking for an activity mat that can be used from 2 months to 18 months or more, our recommendation is the Deluxe Gymini Tiny Princess Rug by Tiny Love.

My Little Rug – Toyster Toys


  • Mat Type: Common EVA
  • Carpet dimensions: 1.10 x 1.10 m
  • Age indication: from 2 to 10 months

Some families like and prefer activity mats that are made of EVA, because they are simple to clean, light and soft for play. So, if this is also your option, our suggestion of choice is Meu Rugtinho da Toyster Toys.

This is because it has a total dimension of 1.10 x 1.10 m, in addition to the option of creating a fence, which helps the baby stay in a certain space, at least until he is just crawling. As already mentioned, the texture is soft, preventing injuries and accidents, and the thickness is 1 cm, preventing the child from having direct contact with the cold temperature of the floor.

The center of the rug is colored and with geometric shapes, which encourages learning and fun when playing and is easy to clean. Only a damp cloth is needed to remove the main everyday dirt.

And as it is detachable, it can be easily transported to any location, making it possible to use it even on trips and tours.

So, if you are looking for an option with a low price and functional, our indication is Meu Rug by Toyster Toys.

Activity Gym with Piano Safari – Buba


  • Type of mat: Gym
  • Carpet dimensions: 73 x 63 cm
  • Age indication: from 3 to 12 months

Finally, another suggestion for a gym model activity mat, which accompanies the child’s growth, offering fun in various ways, is Buba’s Gym Activities With Piano Safari.

That’s because, this mat has a central handle that goes through the mat, so that the baby is positioned in order to reach all the toys. In addition to them, it also has a musical piano that emits sounds when the keys are pressed, instigating the baby to lie on his stomach and, finally, to sit down.

This toy piano can also be uncoupled, becoming an activity option when a baby is older, working with motor coordination, reasoning and sensory skills. Among the hanging toys, there is also a mirror, which stimulates vision, perception and recognition. And the base of the mat has a lightly padded texture, allowing your baby to play comfortably.

Thus, if you are looking for an option with great benefits to use from 3 to 12 months, choose Buba’s Gym Activities With Piano Safari.

How to choose the ideal baby activity mat?

When purchasing an activity mat, it is important to pay attention to some features that may influence usage. This is because, in the age group from 0 to 36 months, it is essential to think about the comfort, safety and stimulation that the appliance will offer. And so, this rug can be a great hobby option for the baby, as well as an aid for parents who can use this time to carry out other daily responsibilities.

Furthermore, when chosen in a way that prioritizes comfortable and functional utility, it can be a stimulus for the baby to crawl and even sit, enhancing the senses and improving the muscles of the arms, abdomen and legs, for example.

However, there are different models with functions that meet different needs, which can be a warning to choose. So, learn more about each of these features and see what to prioritize when choosing. To do so, invest in a rug that has benefits and can be used in the long term. Look!

Which is the best activity mat for babies: Common or gym

When choosing the best activity mats for babies you can find two models, one common and the other gym.

Generally, the common design is a colorful and quilted mat that is ideal for baby to play with and interact with . This is because it is often waterproof, which facilitates cleaning and thus can be used for activities such as painting, playing with play dough and even watering.

With it, babies around 8 months old can also train to crawl and even walk. Since it is comfortable and is intended to avoid injury in case you fall. Therefore, if you prefer a mat that meets the needs of older babies and children in relation to playing and activities with other objects, the ideal activity mats are the common model.

However, there are also gym-type mats , which have various toys and accessories that entertain and also stimulate the senses and motor functions . They are recommended for smaller babies, around 3 months old, as they have plush toys, animals, among others of the mobile type that work on perception, vision, motor coordination and touch.

Generally, the gym mat is a little smaller compared to the common one and so it is indicated for a maximum of up to 18 months. However, it is ideal for the first games that the baby can play. In addition to helping to strengthen the body’s muscles, which will work, increasing the baby’s mobility and movement. Finally, it helps to crawl and walk, as mentioned before.

So, first of all, think about what kind of activity mat you prefer. Then, acquire the ideal for your baby.

Prefer padded activity mats

Another important point for babies is comfort and safety . Therefore, when choosing the best activity mats, choose ones that are padded. This is because they offer greater protection while the baby is still lying down, leaving the body in a comfortable position.

And even when you’re older, able to lean over or sit, if you happen to fall, the risk of accidents and injuries will also be much lower. Since, the quilting tends to cushion impacts.

So, when searching for the best activity mats for babies, remember to prefer the ones that have this benefit.

Check the size and choose the one that best suits your baby’s needs

When choosing the best activity mat options, also check the dimensions of the product in order to prolong use and its functions. That’s because, on some occasions, larger mats are ideal for babies to learn to crawl and even walk in more advanced stages.

Also, when the baby is older it can be used as a space for activities. Where the child can play with paint, play dough and other activities that promote mess and dirt. But, they must be offered, as they contribute to healthy development and growth.

However, if your priority is an activity mat for the baby to use only while he is small and not intended for long-term use, smaller options are also viable. Considering they are easy to store and transport, which can be a plus for some families. So, like cleaning and washing in washing machines for example, they will not accommodate large rugs or hard material.

Therefore, analyze the best option in relation to what you are looking for, in order to invest in the suitable activity mat for your baby.

Activity mats that come with toys, sounds and lights are ideal for stimulating babies during the first few months

As mentioned before, when choosing the best activity mats for babies, it is possible to find the common models and also the gyms, which have toys and stimuli for the senses.

With this, if you are looking for a rug that can be used from the first months, offering comfort, safety and learning, prefer those that have toys, pets and stuffed toys. As well as sounds, lights, among other stimuli that arouse the child’s attention.

There are product options on the market with sounds and music that are played according to the baby’s action, working the reasoning and coordination, as well as fun and entertaining.

As well, there are also those that accompany toys of different textures, colors and even with mirrors, contributing to the recognition and stimulation of different senses.

And all of this is essential for the baby, as from the first weeks it allows the development of some aptitudes that will be improved as they grow . Resulting in gradual and essential advances for adult life.

Therefore, if possible, choose mats that have a mobile option, toys, sounds and other accessories that encourage the baby to learn.

Analyze the transport and how to clean the carpet

Finally, to make the right choice, a very viable option is to opt for rugs that are easy to transport and also clean, contributing to the parents’ lives. With this, it is possible to take this utensil for trips and outings , in order to accommodate the baby in a comfortable and safe way, in addition to ensuring stimulation and fun.

Therefore, folding mats, which come with handles or bags, should be considered. As well as those that are easy to wash and accept cleaning in the washing machine, facilitating the daily routine.

That’s because, even in fabric, there are some brands of activity mats that don’t support washing in the machine. Resulting in decrease and even deformation of the tissue and especially the inner lining. So, to avoid these problems, check the possible ways to sanitize, prolonging the use and durability of the rug.

And once you know how to pick and choose from the best, best-selling and recommended baby activity mats, let’s reveal which one is the best and number one on the list. Check out!

What is the best activity mat for babies?

After knowing more about the main features of the best activity mats for babies. As well as the most sold and recommended on the internet, the time has come to know which is the best of 2021.

And when considering dimension, functions and accessories, ways to wash, transport, safety and comfort, our first option as the best product is the Gymini Dinamic Meadow Day Collection Rug by Tiny Love .

After all, it is safe and comfortable, with a padded base and very soft, allowing your baby to enjoy the games for hours.

The fabric is comfortable and smooth, with no irritation or allergies on the child’s skin. And the two handles that are at the top holding the toys can be removed, making it easier to use at different times and stages of childhood.

As it is a gym type, it contains toys of different colors and textures that hang in a way that attracts the baby’s attention. And in the central bird-shaped toy, lights and sounds can be played in order to calm or even stimulate the baby.

This same bird can be placed on the handles in a mobile way, stimulating the baby to move the toy and thus develop skill with the movements. This can also facilitate the crawling process and when the baby is older, it can still be used as a space for activities. Since it is easily cleaned and can be sanitized even in washing machines.

So, if you are looking for a versatile and very functional rug for learning, mobility and play, our suggestion is the Gymini Dinamic Meadow Day Collection Rug by Tiny Love .

So, did you enjoy knowing and knowing more about the best baby activity mats? Leave your comment!

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