Best Infant Beds: Complete Guide 2021

The transition period from diaper to toilet use is one of the most complicated for both parents and children who may be afraid or insecure about changing. However, this can be alleviated with the proper choice of the infant chamber pot .

This is because this accessory needs to be seen as an ally of the child, favoring and assisting in times when she needs it, without external pressure or scolding, which can also result in more difficulties for acceptance.

Thus, we will now bring tips on how to choose the ideal product, as well as suggestions for the top 5 best-selling and recommended products of 2021.

Did you like it and want to know more? So keep reading this post and find out how to choose the best baby pot!

Best Baby Beds 2021

When the baby enters 18 months, it is common for some parents to start thinking about changing the use of diapers to bedpans , which makes daily life much easier and promotes savings for both the family and benefits to the environment.

After all, as the child’s development progresses, the need for going to the bathroom also increases, which generates large expenses with diapers, baby wipes, ointments, among others.

Thus, the chamber pot becomes a viable alternative that contributes to reducing expenses with hygiene products and also saves time, no longer having the need for routine changes.

However, for the use to work, it is very important that parents have the patience to lead their son or daughter to beneficial and gradual use. Mainly, avoiding fights, scolding and forms of reprimand that can make the child uncomfortable and even traumatized when using the utensil.

In this way, wait until the best moment to start the transition and choose potty models that catch the child’s attention , encouraging them to choose to use them in a calm and fun way.

And to help you, we will now bring you a top 5 of the best children’s chamber pots of 2021 . Check out!

Troninho Flex Potty 3 in 1 – Safety 1st


  • Turns reducer seat: Yes
  • Has removable collector: Yes
  • It has a choice of ladder or lift base: Lift base
  • Additional Functions: Does not have

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