Best Bibs: Complete Guide 2021

There is no way any baby and child, from time to time, gets their clothes dirty while eating or drinking milk. Which undoubtedly creates work for parents and guardians who will have to make more changes of clothes, as well as cleaning, resulting in some discomfort and expense. And for that, the solution is to know the best bibs that will prevent the dirt from coming into direct contact with the pieces, preserving them and making your daily life easier.

Interested and want to know more? Keep reading and find out which are the 5 best bibs of 2021 , as well as tips to choose the ideal one for your needs. Check out!

Best Bibs of 2021

If you are assembling the trousseau or just looking for new utensils needed for your baby, the first tip of our post is to know that bibs are very important for everyday life. Because, when well chosen, in addition to avoiding dirt on the clothes , it will also protect the floor and the seat from food scraps, facilitating the routine of those responsible, who will only have to worry about the accessory, saving time and money.

After all, depending on the material of the bib, cleaning and sanitizing will also be easier and cheaper. Avoiding expenses with other products, such as soap, bleach, among others. But for that, it is also important to reflect on your needs and that of your baby, because as the age group advances, the indication of the product can also change.

If you have a baby aged 3 to 8 months, for example, who is starting the dentition stage and still consumes milk, the best options may be fabric or terry bibs that favor absorption. However, if you already have teeth and are in the food introduction phase, silicone and waterproof models may be more favorable.

So, if you want to know these tips and more, keep reading and find out how to choose, in addition to the main features of the 5 best bibs of 2021 . Look!

Silicone Bib – NUK


  • Model: Silicon
  • Age indication: above 6 months
  • Prints: Pink

If your baby is already in the food introduction phase and you are looking for a practical option to use and clean, our suggestion is the NUK Silicone Bib.

After all, as mentioned in the description, it is made of silicone, with a curve to hold small pieces of food that may fall. And so, it works effectively and practically to prevent dirt from falling on clothes, keeping the child clean in any situation.

The material, being waterproof, does not absorb food and liquids, which prevents stains on the product, which will preserve the bib for a long time, being worth the investment.

It is suitable for babies over 6 months old, due to its weight being slightly greater than fabric models. It has three options for adjusting the neck, ensuring that the child can use it up to 1 year or more safely.

To clean, just a damp cloth, sponge or even a dishwasher, favoring practicality and agility in everyday life. It also promotes economy, where not many pieces are needed to meet the child’s feeding demands, where with 2 or 3 bibs it will already be possible to favorably supply frequent use.

It is light, soft and comfortable, which suggests more safety and comfort during use. It is ideal to take on trips and events without taking up too much space in bags, providing functionality for protection and cleaning, without soiling the child’s clothes or constraints.

So, if you want to get the right choice between the best bibs, give preference to the Silicone Bib from the NUK brand. This product will certainly be an ally in the busy and busy day-to-day of parents and guardians!

Bib with Sleeve – Multikids


  • Model: Clothes
  • Age indication: 0 to 1 year
  • Prints: Colored and animals

Do you want to encourage your baby to eat alone, but are you afraid of the mess this can cause? Calm! The Multikids Sleeve Bib is perfect for you.

After all, he has the clothes model, which consists of protection on the torso and arms, avoiding any contact of the food with the clothes underneath.

It is made of EVA and thus is waterproof, not absorbing food or liquids, which will ensure the child’s preservation and prolonged use. Being easy to clean, with a damp cloth it is possible to clean, without major work for parents and guardians.

It’s also safe and comfortable, with open parts to make it easier to put on and remove the garment. Where, to ensure that food does not fall into your lap, it has a pocket on the front, which helps to retain food pieces, to prevent further dirt during feeding.

The recommendation for use is from 0 to 12 months, from the beginning of food introduction. It is a perfect suggestion to use together with the feeding chairs , leaving the baby more free and autonomous to eat.

It has fun and colorful prints, with options for various animals, including dog, giraffe, cat and monkey, allowing you to choose a variety of options to compose the child’s utensils.

Also, it is highly recommended for use in events and parties, as it will really protect the clothes completely, thus avoiding major problems and discomfort with changes. Worth the investment and quality that it will preserve in the long term.

So, if you are looking for options for this age group and with this type of protection, choose the Multikids Sleeve Bib.

Baby Frutti Lemon Bandana Bib with Biter – Buba


  • Model: Bandana
  • Age indication: Above 4 months
  • Prints: lemon

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