Best Children’s Toothpaste: Complete Guide 2021

From the birth of the first teeth it is necessary that those responsible start with the care of brushing and oral hygiene for the baby. Thus, it is important to know the best children’s toothpastes of 2021 , as well as tips and characteristics to identify the ideal ones for the child’s need and age group.

After all, by performing the care properly and also using the right products, teeth health can be taught and maintained. Extending through life.

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Best Children’s Toothpaste of 2021

To maintain oral health, it is important to pay attention to care from an early age. And that, without a doubt, includes the brushing that must be done from the beginning of the first teeth in a gentle way. But, that promotes effective cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

For this, choosing the best toothbrush and toothpaste is essential, as with these accessories, the child will gradually adapt to the new routine, which is not always easy to implement. This is because, in some situations, especially at the beginning, the brush sensation can be uncomfortable. As well as the flavor and texture of the paste that can cause discomfort and even nausea.

Therefore, soon after the birth of the first tooth, look for a pediatric dentist for better care instructions. However, it is worth knowing that, in general, up to 24 months old pastes without fluoride are indicated . As long as there is also no sugar consumption.

Sugar and food leftovers, mainly industrialized, when in constant contact with the teeth cause bacteria, which in turn produce acids that affect the tooth enamel until cavities occur. So, if possible, avoid offering sweets and processed foods until at least 2 years of age , avoiding the need for fluoride paste.

However, if your child already consumes this ingredient or is over 2 years old, the use of fluoride paste is recommended . Because, as explained earlier, it will be able to strengthen the tooth as well as reduce acidity. Thus, avoiding problems such as thrush and cavities.

So, first of all, define about it, because with this information, the chance of a successful purchase is much greater. Allowing proper care for children’s oral health.

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Creme Dental My First Sem Flúor – Colgate


  • Fluoride Concentration: Does not contain
  • Flavor: Soft fruit
  • Quantity: 75 ml

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