Best Maternity Backpacks: Complete Guide 2021

To go out with the baby and carry all the necessary utensils in a practical and versatile way, it is necessary to have an ideal bag that holds everything in its compartments with functionality, practicality and organization. Therefore, we will bring you some options of the best 2021 maternity backpacks , as well as tips for choosing the ideal one for your routine.

After all, there are several options with different sizes, compartments, materials and accessories that can help in everyday life. In addition to specifications that are important to pay attention to.

So, keep reading and find out which are the best, most sold and recommended maternity backpacks , helping your life and that of your baby. Check out!

Best Maternity Backpacks of 2021

Diapers, portable changing mats, ointments, sunscreen, medicine, milk, food, cups, baby bottles and toys are some of the utensils that we usually have to carry when going out with the baby, whether for medium or long walks. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing the importance of choosing the appropriate maternity backpack, which will contribute to this transport with comfort and safety at any time.

This is because, before leaving, parents and guardians usually think about all the needs and variations that the child may have. In order to attend to everything quickly to avoid discomfort and excessive crying. Therefore, choosing sturdy backpacks with spacious internal compartments is essential to accommodate everything you need. As well as the straps, which should also be checked to support the weight with resistance, comfort and without getting in the way or hurting during transport.

Extra functions such as thermal compartment and USB output should also be considered, if identified as necessary for your routine, as well as the external pockets and waterproof material.

So, keep reading and find out which are the best maternity backpacks. And then, get to know the main features to find the right model for your baby and the whole family. Check out!

Ergobaby Maternity Backpack The Carry on


  • Backpack size: 42 cm high x 36 cm wide
  • Has thermal compartment: Yes
  • External material is waterproof: Yes

If you want a spacious, versatile, resistant and practical bag for everyday use, our first suggestion is the Ergobaby The Carry on Maternity Backpack. After all, this is one of the most spacious models on the market and contains a large number of pockets, with thirteen compartments to store and organize the way you want.

The external material is waterproof, preventing it from getting wet or getting dirty easily, and it also acts by protecting the internal contents of the bag, properly preserving even cell phones, keys and documents. It is very versatile, as in addition to a backpack, it can be used as a handbag, lateral or transversal, meeting different needs with practicality and agility. And on the inside it has two compartments with thermal insulation, which contribute to the safe transport of food while maintaining temperature and quality.

To add even more practicality, it also has external pockets, where they can be objects with routine use and has its own handle for attaching the bag to the baby carriage. What encourages safe and proper use without hassles during transport and tours.

The straps are also padded and have adjustment, in addition to being made of high quality material, which guarantees durability. As well as the internal and external parts that are sewn securely and resistant. And on the inside, all compartments have a lining, which makes it safe and economically viable, due to the long time of use and durability.

And finally, to complete, this backpack also comes with a padded changing table, which allows safe and comfortable exchanges wherever and whenever you need it. Thus, if we seek to invest in a safe product that will last for years, which can be used from maternity to the most advanced stages of childhood, without damage and unforeseen events, our suggestion is the Ergobaby The Carry on Maternity Backpack.

Mochila Back’Pack Safety 1st


  • Backpack size: 42 cm high x 31 cm wide
  • Has thermal compartment: Yes
  • External material is waterproof: Yes

Now, if you are looking for a more basic but highly functional and quality backpack, a great option for a maternity bag is the Back’Pack Backpack from the Safety 1st brand.

That’s because it is practical to use on a daily basis, with external and internal pockets, in addition to padded and adjustable straps, which contribute to comfort during use, even when it’s heavy. It also accommodates many functional items, as it has ample internal space and pockets that help keep objects separate and easy to find.

The side pocket has thermal protection, being suitable for storing bottles and food safely and without risk of contamination. And this model also comes with a moistened handkerchief holder, providing practicality and agility during changes and cleaning after meals and outdoor activities.

The main and front pockets have a double zipper, which ensure agility and practicality during handling. And the main compartment part opens completely, contributing to better visualization and organization of the items. And equally, to help parents, it has exclusive pockets with a zipper closure option, where keys, wallets, cell phones, among other objects can be placed.

It is noteworthy that this backpack is made of quality material, very resistant and also comes with extra accessories, such as pacifier holder, baby bottle holder and padded changing table, contributing to its use at any time and place.

So, to invest in a maternity bag with good cost-benefit and prolonged functional use, our suggestion is the Back’Pack Back’Pack by Safety 1st.

Mochila Back Pack – Kababy


  • Backpack size: 43 cm high x 36 cm wide
  • Has thermal compartment: Yes
  • External material is waterproof: No

If your priorities are not the internal compartments, a viable suggestion is the Kababy Back Pack Backpack. After all, it is spacious and has external pockets that facilitate the accommodation of various objects, including baby bottles and food that can be stored in the thermal compartment.

The main zipper and the side pocket are double, which allows for practicality and agility when handling, since in these pockets it is also possible to store parents’ utensils, such as keys and cell phones. In addition to others used recurrently, such as changers, ointments and cloths.

To complement its functionality, this model also comes with a padded changer and moistened tissue holder. However, a warning is regarding the lack of waterproof fabric, which will not protect the internal contents in case of rain or dirt, which can be an alert . However, it is a great option for everyday use, as it guarantees functionality from the first months of a child’s life to more advanced stages, where the backpack can gain new uses.

The straps are adjustable and padded, allowing comfort even when carrying weight. And the seams are resistant, increasing the product’s durability. Plus, it’s compact and easy to carry, and it’s basic, matching a variety of occasions, genres, and styles.

Thus, if you intend to purchase a basic product, but which has quality and support to store several objects with security and organization, our tip is the Kababy Back Pack Backpack.

Land Maternity Backpack with Hooks and USB – Land


  • Backpack size: 42 cm high x 36 cm wide
  • Has thermal compartment: Yes
  • External material is waterproof: Yes

The Land Maternity Backpack with Hooks and USB is one of the most famous nowadays, as it has ample internal space and compartments that contribute to functionality and organization, with an affordable price and durability. It is made with resistant and waterproof material, which helps to clean and protect the contents of the bag and has reinforced seams that help with maintenance.

On the front, it has pockets with thermal protection, which facilitates the storage of bottles and food safely and without risk of contamination for the baby. And in the side pocket, it has a special compartment for wet wipes, facilitating daily changes and cleaning.

On the other hand, on the back of the backpack, there is a zipper that gives access to the bottom, improving access to items with more agility and mobility. Also stimulating organization and easy visualization. And to help parents in their daily lives, it has a cell phone pocket and a USB connector that helps in times of suffocation, when the device’s battery runs out, and also comes with extra accessories such as a changing table and baby bottle holder, facilitating everyday use.

However, it is worth noting that the backpack does not have a portable charger, only an adapter with USB for use.

So, if you are looking for a great maternity backpack option, with an affordable price, organization and functionality, choose the Land Maternity Backpack with Hooks and USB.

Waterproof baby bottle thermal backpack – Meichoon


  • Backpack size: 21.8 cm high x 15.2 cm wide
  • Has thermal compartment: Yes
  • External material is waterproof: Yes

If you want a maternity backpack, ideal for transporting food, baby bottles and especially breast milk, our recommendation is the waterproof baby bottle thermal backpack by Meichoon.

This model is the smallest on the list, being ideal for tours where the main needs are food and milk. That’s because, in addition to the thermal compartment, this backpack has a large pocket at the top, ideal for storing milk pumps and other electronic utensils, as it is waterproof. And so, it becomes highly functional and practical.

The backpack has two separate compartments, where the closure is with a double zipper, which guarantees durability and practicality when handling. And in the upper compartment there is an internal pocket, where keys and documents can be stored, without affecting the internal space of the backpack.

And it is also versatile, being able to be used as a backpack, handbag or transversal, thanks to the strap that comes with the product. With this, if you are looking for a maternity backpack, where the main function is thermal protection, our suggestion is the Meichoon brand waterproof baby bottle thermal backpack.

How to Choose the Ideal Maternity Backpack?

To choose the best maternity backpacks it is important to pay attention to some features that will ensure confidence and comfort during use. In addition to the capacity and internal space that are essential to know if the backpack will functionally store all the necessary items.

So, even before buying, think about what you want to take in your backpack , such as diapers, washcloths, changing mats, ointments, medicines, food, bibs, among others. In addition to also analyzing how all this can be accommodated in an appropriate and organized way.

Equally, look for options that can be easily cleaned and are also practical to use on a daily basis. As sometimes backpacks are used while the guardian is alone with the child. Which requires practicality to locate and reach the intended object.

So, to choose the right backpack for your baby and family, keep reading and find out what are the main features to be analyzed, before choosing the best maternity backpacks. Look!

Check the size and internal space of the maternity backpack

As mentioned before, maternity backpacks are ideal for outdoor trips and short trips, as they inspire practicality and comfort during transport. However, for this benefit to be enjoyed as expected, it is also important to analyze and consider the internal space as well as the external pockets that will accommodate all of these items .

Thus, when researching the best maternity backpacks, consider the size of the product, as well as the internal spaces that should keep the baby’s utensils in an organized way. Likewise, check if you can put baby bottles or cups in the pockets, for example, which should be easy to find, as well as the parents’ objects that are usually kept in the backpack, such as cell phones and keys, as we will discuss in the next topic .

In relation to the internal space, also remember to observe the existence of linings that will guarantee a lasting use and even the seams, which must be firm and fixed, in order to guarantee that the internal protection is permanent.

However, when searching for the backpacks, be careful not to choose the ones that are too big or that accommodate too many things. That’s because, it creates an option to transport items that wouldn’t even be used. But, they are considered to fit in the bag.

Then, reflect on what you will really use and take, in order to find the ideal internal space for your needs and comfort.

When considering these points, for sure, the choice of backpack will be more appropriate and with several benefits that will facilitate your routine with the baby.

Internal pockets and compartments improve organization

Also as mentioned in the article, the pockets and internal compartments are important for the organization of items and easy location . So, when searching for the best maternity backpacks, check for these divisions as well as the extra functions. For example, thermal protection, zippers and wet wipes.

By finding these differentials, such as thermal protection, it will be possible to store and transport food more safely, maintaining the appropriate temperature until consumption. In addition to preventing them from being contaminated with other objects, which can easily occur and cause discomfort to the baby’s health.

The tissue holder is also practical for everyday use, as it facilitates diaper changes outdoors and cleaning after eating and playing. Offering agility and practicality to solve everyday issues.

And besides, smaller, zippered pockets and compartments are considerable options. Because in them it is possible to put parents’ keys, cell phone, wallet, among other necessary belongings, which, without a doubt, will be safe from loss and dirt.

In addition, specific pockets for storing diapers and diaper rash ointments are also welcome when identified. This is because they also allow for organization and easy location, even in critical moments when agility is needed.

With this, remember to check internal spaces and pockets before purchase and think about what else will meet your requirements for transporting and organizing baby utensils.

For food transport, prefer options that have a thermal compartment

In some maternity backpacks, the coolers are large and spacious. While in others, this space may be limited to just an inner or outer pocket. So, before buying the ideal model, think about what you want to carry food while using the backpack and then choose the right one.

If your priority is a backpack for short trips, where only bottles and fruit are enough to feed the baby. The thermal pockets can be enough for your need, adding space to other pockets and multifunctional compartments.

However, if your intention is to have a backpack for travel, where you can take bottles of juice, food and baby bottles, our suggestion is to opt for models that have this large and spacious area. Since, this will allow a more adequate use to the needs of the family, in addition to meeting the temperature and maintenance of food.

Therefore, to make a purchase that is correct and adequate to what the family needs, our suggestion is to analyze the choice of thermal compartments in order to find the best maternity backpacks.

Double zippers are practical for everyday life

Another detail that makes all the difference while using the maternity backpack is the zipper. This is because when it is of poor quality or improperly sewn, it can easily hook or be in the opposite position and inadequate for everyday and practical use, which results in discomfort and less product durability.

Thus, when choosing the best maternity backpack, also  check the positioning of the zipper and whether there is the possibility of double zipper closure , which facilitates daily life and access to the interior to open and close.

The double zipper generally also encourages longer backpack durability and improves access to internal objects. Helping a lot in transporting the baby’s necessary items.

So, if possible, prefer the backpacks with a double zipper in order to enjoy all the benefits it can offer.

Backpacks with waterproof material are functional at all times

Finally, to ensure that your maternity backpack has durability and prolonged use, a good tip is to check if the external material is waterproof.

This is because the waterproof materials prevent the fabric from getting wet or getting dirty easily , preventing any liquid or residue from penetrating the fibers, which results in more practicality and agility for cleaning.

When considering outdoor tours, waterproof backpacks are also the most recommended, as in case of rain, for example, indoor objects will not get wet. Safely accommodating even electronic items such as cell phones and car devices.

Therefore, consider the waterproof fabric to choose the best maternity backpack, as this feature will bring more peace of mind and security during use.

And now, you know the main features to choose from and the best-selling and recommended maternity backpacks on the internet. We’ll bring you which one is first on our list. Check out!

What is the Best Maternity Backpack?

After knowing the best maternity backpacks of 2021 and the main items to be analyzed, we will present which model was elected the most viable in relation to its characteristics.

And the chosen one, without a doubt, is the Ergobaby The Carry on Maternity Backpack , which is large, functional, safe and comfortable to carry numerous accessories wherever you need it. That’s because this model has thirteen compartments, capable of storing from diapers to toys and food in an organized way and without mixing.

Also on the inside, there are linings and a zipper that help both the organization and the durability of the backpack. Making it last and be used for years, meeting different needs of the growth stages.

It also has a basic color, ideal for all genders at any time. And it can be used in many ways besides the backpack. In other words, as a handbag, transversal and even attached to baby carriages .

Likewise, it has thermal compartments to store food and also comes with an exchanger. Resulting in a complete purchase that will meet the needs of the baby and family in the short, medium and long term.

So, if you still have doubts about which maternity backpack to invest, our recommendation is the Ergobaby The Carry on Maternity Backpack , which will undoubtedly contribute to the trips and trips with the child at different stages.

Like and want to know more about the best maternity backpacks? So leave your comment!

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