Best Moisturizing Lotions for Babies: Complete Guide 2021

It is common for the skin to suffer throughout life from the loss of fat and water, which are essential for elasticity and healthy appearance. Therefore, from birth it is important to be careful with the hydration that is capable of making this replacement in a balanced and adequate way. With that, know some options of the best moisturizing lotions for babies of 2021 .

After all, there are several brands and possibilities on the market with different specifications. Which can cause some doubt when researching. So, see the best sellers and recommended ones, plus features to check out.

So, read on and find out which are the best moisturizing lotions for babies of 2021 !

Best Moisturizing Lotions for Babies of 2021

The baby’s skin is usually smooth and smooth, even without the application of moisturizing lotions. However, over time, baths, hot water and external factors, the skin gradually loses its natural fat and moisture, resulting in dryness and roughness. So, to avoid these symptoms, it is worth knowing some options of the best moisturizing lotions for babies that will leave the skin smooth and well cared for.

However, it is worth knowing that there are several options on the market with different components that can influence usage. Even more, on the delicate skin of babies. Therefore, when looking for the best, always analyze if there is specification for delicate skin and especially with an indication for babies , always avoiding moisturizers intended for adults.

This is because it is common for common moisturizing lotions to have fragrance and even alcohol, which can be harmful to children’s skin, causing irritation and even allergies. Usually, lotions dedicated to children also do not have parabens in their formulation, which can cause allergic reactions, in addition to leaving the sensation more sticky. This can also happen with products intended for adults.

Finally, to learn more, keep reading and find out what are the best moisturizing lotions for babies , as well as tips and features to find the ideal one for your needs. Check out!

Moisturizer for Atopic and Dry Skin Emollient Cream without Perfume – Mustela Stelatopia


  • Pack quantity: 200 ml
  • Has parabens and dyes: No
  • Moisturizing Additives: Avocado Perseose + Sunflower Distilled Oil

If you want a moisturizer that is recommended for sensitive skin and even with signs of irritation and atopic dermatitis, our tip is the Moisturizer for Atopic and Dry Skin Emollient Cream, without Perfume – Mustela Stelatopia.

As already mentioned, it is ideal for all types of skin, including the most sensitive and has a light and fluid cream texture, which allows for easy spreading and fast absorption, ensuring good performance. It has no fragrance, parabens, dyes and ethyl alcohol, which makes it a very safe moisturizer to use from birth. And it has natural ingredients, such as avocado perseose and distilled sunflower oil.

It is hypoallergenic and, in addition to moisturizing, soothes the sensation of discomfort and itchiness, restoring subcutaneous barriers and also strengthening the skin’s natural defenses. Thanks to replenishment of nutrition and lipids.

This lotion is sold in tube-type packaging, with 200 ml. And because of that, it’s ideal for both recurrent and travel use. It can be used every day and for severe cases of dryness the indication is to apply twice a day.

It is also highly recommended by dermatologists and can be used throughout childhood, caring for and providing the necessary hydration for this phase. Therefore, if you want to invest in a safe, reliable lotion with a high treatment guarantee, our first indication is the Moisturizer for Atopic and Dry Skin Emollient Cream without Perfume – Mustela Stelatopia.

Hydra Face and Body Moisturizer – Baby Mustela


  • Pack quantity: 500 ml
  • Has parabens and dyes: No
  • Moisturizing additives: sunflower oil, vegetable-based glycerin, avocado perseose and vitamin E

If your baby does not have skin with high sensitivity, irritation and dermatitis, another great suggestion is Hydra Face and Body Hydrating Infant – Mustela Baby. This is because, in its composition, it has active ingredients that enhance hydration, such as sunflower oil and vegetable-based glycerin. Which also nourish and gradually replenish the lost protection naturally.

Avocado perseose and vitamin E are also components found in this lotion, stimulating regeneration and a soft touch, capable of being noticed right after the first use.

It is suitable for use from birth, however it has a fragrance which may not be pleasant for some families. But, anyway, the perfume is soft and delicate, not interfering with the baby’s health and even leaving the feeling of lightness and cleanliness after application.

It has no parabens or dyes. And it has a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft and hydrated for long periods. It is indicated for use both on the body and on the face, but it is worth remembering to be careful with the eye region.

The recommendation is for daily use after showering and therefore, the packaging is 500 ml, which promotes continuous use with economy, making it the best option in relation to cost-effectiveness. So, if you want to invest in a baby moisturizer ideal for all skin types and also for the face, we suggest Hydra Face and Body Hydrating Infant – Mustela Baby.

Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin Baby – Granado


  • Pack quantity: 300 ml
  • Has parabens and dyes: No
  • Moisturizing additives: Ceramides, allantoin, oat, almond and wheat proteins and shea butter, vegetable glycerin and sunflower oil

For daily use on normal skin, a good suggestion is the Moisturizing Lotion for Baby – Granado. That’s because it is produced with a dermocalming formula that has a series of ingredients that promote this intense hydration, but with a smooth and light sensation.

In its formulation there are natural and highly nutritious components, which aim to recover and replenish naturally lost nutrients. Offering comfort even for reddened and sensitized areas. It is free of perfume, parabens, dyes, fragrance, mineral oil and ethyl alcohol and thus, it can be used from the first days of life.

The packaging is 300 ml, with a pump device for the output of the product, which facilitates day-to-day handling. And the quantity is also ideal, both to keep at home and to take on the road, as it is compact and easy to accommodate.

It is recommended to use it once a day, after bathing and should be used only on the body, avoiding the face and especially the eye area, as it can result in burning sensation. It has a creamy texture, but it is quickly absorbed and easy to spread, avoiding the sticky effect.

Therefore, it is a safe moisturizing lotion, with good performance, hypoallergenic and ideal for everyday use. So, if you prefer a highly hydrating moisturizing lotion with good performance, a recommendable option is the Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Lotion – Granado.

Children’s Body Moisturizer – BioClub


  • Pack quantity: 150 ml
  • Has parabens and dyes: No
  • Moisturizing Additives: Vegetable Glycerin

If you are looking for smaller and compact packages to take on trips and trips, a very viable option that has been highly recommended by mothers is the Infant Body Moisturizer – BioClub.

It has a hypoallergenic formula, which guarantees safety when using. It also has no aggressive ingredients, the main component being vegetable glycerin, which has the ability to hydrate and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier.

It can be used from the first days of life and also has a light and smooth texture, contributing to quick absorption and practicality when spreading on the skin. It has a mild fragrance, but much appreciated by most opinions, who judge the aroma similar to that of a bath. Resulting in a pleasant and relaxing feeling for a few hours.

According to the manufacturer, the moisturizing capacity is 24 hours and, in addition, this lotion also has the ability to create a protective film that strengthens the skin’s delicate protective barrier against external germs. Therefore, it can be used once a day, resulting in hydration and care from the first application.

The packaging is small, with 150 ml. And because of that, it is versatile and can be used both at home and on tours and trips, with practicality and agility.

Therefore, if you are looking for an infant body moisturizer, ideal for all stages from birth, our suggestion is the infant body moisturizer – BioClub.

Newborn Moisturizing Lotion – Johnson’s


  • Pack quantity: 200 ml
  • Has parabens and dyes: No
  • Moisturizing Additives: Not informed

Finally, if you prefer a moisturizing lotion with exclusive indication for newborns, another highly recommended option is the Newborn Moisturizing Lotion – Johnson’s.

Its formulation does not contain parabens and dyes, preventing allergic reactions, in addition to being hypoallergenic. Resulting in safe and reliable use from the early days. However, it is worth knowing that this moisturizer contains a super soft fragrance, which leaves the feeling of lightness and delicacy, without disturbing the baby.

This product was also developed in order to protect newborns’ still very delicate skin, creating a light film that strengthens the skin’s protective barrier against external agents. This results in prolonged hydration for up to 24 hours.

The packaging is 200 ml, making it functional for use at home or carried in bags and backpacks. And it has a creamy texture, but light and fluid, promoting good absorption without leaving a sticky effect on the skin.

And to complete all the care, it can be used both on the face and on the body, always remembering to take care of the eyes. But, if it occurs, according to the manufacturer, this formula does not burn the eyes, highlighting the safety and comfort it offers.

So, to invest in an ideal moisturizing lotion for newborns who have no problems with light perfumes and fragrances, our indication is the Newborn Moisturizing Lotion – Johnson’s.

How to choose the ideal moisturizing lotion for babies?

According to specialist doctors, the use of moisturizing lotions on babies is recommended from birth. This is because these products, when of good quality, have the ability to replace lost substances , resulting in healthy and nourished skin.

After all, with moisturizing and emollient ingredients, such as sunflower oil, shea butter, glycerin, among others, the skin replenishes lost nutrients. Improving health, appearance and even elasticity, thus contributing to the whole of life.

Likewise, before buying it is also worth knowing if your baby’s skin has any type of sensitivity to any component. If you realize this, it is recommended to look for hypoallergenic options , which generally do not have some ingredients that can be aggressive, especially for sensitive skin, such as parabens, alcohol and mineral oils.

So, try to know a little more about the moisturizing lotion before making the purchase. And to learn more, keep reading and find out which features to check to choose the ideal one. Look!

Prefer moisturizing lotions for babies without parabens and dyes

When looking for moisturizing lotions for your baby, you can find several options with ingredients, fragrances, quantities and packaging that distinguish them. However, as it will be used on sensitive skin, the first attention must be to avoid ingredients that can be aggressive , such as paraben, ethyl alcohol and dyes, which can cause irritation and allergies.

Therefore, as the use of lotions for babies is recommended from birth, choosing products that have strong fragrances may not be a good option. This is because, in contact with the skin, perfumes and substances that exist can make the skin red and itchy. Resulting in discomfort and even more serious health problems for the child.

So, when looking for the best moisturizing lotions for babies, remember to check the label for information free of parabens, dyes and ethyl alcohol. And if you prefer, still look for those that have the specification of hypoallergenic, after all, when there is this indication, the components that formulate the moisturizer are soft and even often natural, reducing the possibility of possible injuries.

Likewise, opting for products that have a light and smooth texture is indicated, as they usually have fast absorption and are not sticky, even after a short time of application. Which leaves the feeling more refreshing and comfortable.

So, pay attention to these characteristics when choosing and remember that this will certainly ensure long-lasting, safe and healthy use for the baby’s skin.

Identify moisturizing ingredients in the composition

Generally, moisturizing lotions for babies have ingredients that lead the skin to softness and smoothness. However, some components of natural origin such as avocado oil, almond, shea butter, among others, reinforce this care, also nourishing and replenishing the skin’s lipids .

So when searching for the best moisturizing lotions for babies, check for these natural additives. Because, without a doubt, the soft touch and skin treatment will be more intense and suitable, without harming or harming.

Also, check out options for moisturizers that treat skin irritations and discomforts . This is because, in the market, it is possible to identify brands that contain agents that soothe red and irritated skin, others that ease symptoms after insect bites. So, think about what you want to invest in and the extra benefits that these lotions can offer, in addition to hydration.

Pay attention to the quantity on the package

Another point that deserves attention when choosing the best moisturizing lotions for babies is the amount on the package. After all, there are different options for quantities, which can somewhat interfere with the choice.

Generally, while we still don’t know a product very well, smaller packages are better. Because they allow a test without big investments and losses, in case it doesn’t work. Likewise, on trips, for example, the smaller packages are the most interesting . As they contribute to saving space inside maternity bags and backpacks . Besides being practical and light.

When we know, like and use a product frequently, it is common to give preference to larger packages . Since, they will also be more economical, considering the prolonged and daily use.

But, remember that good quality products, texture and way of spreading are generally better , which results in good yield and cost-effectiveness. So, when looking for the best moisturizing lotions for babies, check how you will use and how often, and then choose the best package and quantity.

After knowing some characteristics to pay attention to and also knowing the best moisturizing lotions for babies, we will bring the number one, being one of the most sold and recommended by doctors and parents alike. Check out!

What is the best moisturizing lotion for baby?

Now that you know some options about the best moisturizing lotions for baby, we’ll bring you which one is the best of 2021 in terms of care, performance and hydration.

The first choice was the Moisturizer for Atopic and Dry Skin Emollient Cream without Perfume – Mustela Stelatopia , which cares for and treats even the most sensitive skin. Also acting in the improvement of irritations, allergies and atopic dermatitis, very common in babies.

This product has a cream texture, however fluid, facilitating the application and way of spreading. Also contributing to income and economy. It is also hypoallergenic, without parabens, ethyl alcohol and fragrances, which is ideal even for newborns and has indication for use on the body, but due to the lightness and smoothness of the formulation, it can also be applied in small amounts on the face.

In addition to hydrating, it also protects and reinforces the skin’s subcutaneous barriers, contributing to nutrition and lipid replacement, improving the appearance and health of the skin. And so, the indication is to use it twice a day, in order to gain these benefits.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable moisturizing lotion option to use on your baby’s skin, our suggestion is the Moisturizer for Atopic and Dry Skin Emollient Cream without Perfume – Mustela Stelatopia .

Tips on how to use moisturizing lotions on babies

In addition to knowing which one is the best, we’ll give you some tips on how to use moisturizing lotions correctly. So your baby can enjoy all the benefits the product has to offer.

At first, after the bath, dry the baby with a soft, delicate cloth towel. After the skin is dry, place it in a comfortable position and start applying the lotion as follows:

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and free from residue from other products;
  2. In the palm of one hand, place a penny amount of moisturizing baby lotion;
  3. Spread on both hands to allow each palm to have an amount;
  4. Apply to the baby’s skin, starting with the arms and legs. Remember to also move on the feet, back and chest, using circular motions that make the baby relaxed and calm;
  5. Also apply a little lotion on the neck and with your fingertips apply a small amount on the face, remembering to be careful with your eyes.

Repeat this process always after bathing, in order to nourish and repair the skin that has been damaged by soap and hot water, as well as external agents. And as the days go by, you will undoubtedly notice an apparent improvement in the appearance and quality of your skin.

However, remember to check if the moisturizing lotion is also suitable for the face, before using in that area. And if not, check with your pediatrician on the best way to use it.

Did you like to know our tips and suggestions for the best moisturizing lotions for baby? So leave your comment and let us know which one was chosen for your baby!

Enjoy and learn more about choosing and suggesting the best soaps for baby .

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