BLW Method: First Foods

The time has come to start feeding solids and the doubts and fears come to all of us, mothers. The desire to do the best is combined with the fear of making mistakes in something so important: the baby’s nutrition and health .

But don’t worry, you are not alone. And it is to help at this moment so important that we have prepared this content more for those who will launch themselves in the world of BLW .

To find out which foods are recommended to start BLW keep reading.

List of first foods for BLW

First of all it must be said that the baby can eat practically all foods from 6 months . With the exception of dairy products, sweets and salt, which should only be used from the child’s first year onwards.

However, natural foods that include all fruits and vegetables can and should be included in the diet from the beginning.

See the list of foods best accepted by babies who practice BLW:

  • Cooked carrot;
  • Cooked beets;
  • Baked or baked sweet potatoes;
  • Boiled broccoli;
  • Chuchu cooked or braised;
  • Pumpkin cooked or roasted;
  • Tomato;
  • Banana dwarf / cockatiel;
  • Papaya;
  • Melon;
  • Orange;
  • Manga;
  • Watermelon;

Don’t forget to check the safe cuts for BLW, to avoid choking and facilitate autonomous feeding .

You can also offer rice, beans, pasta and meat from 6 months old . However, these foods require special care in the form of presentation. Make cakes with the beans, offer bean broth in a small cup, and prefer pasta in shapes such as a shell or tie (spaghetti can be dangerous at this stage).

However, for the first few times, prefer foods that are easier to handle , such as those in the list above. This way the baby is freer to explore the foods and you are calmer to better understand the method and how to include new foods for your baby.

Always ask for the help of the Pediatrician and/or the Nutritionist to accompany the food introduction.

Complete menu for babies from 6 months to 1 year

To facilitate this beginning of the introduction of food and organize your routine, we offer a complete menu with all balanced meals for babies between 6 months and 1 year old, created by Nutri Bruna Luiza. 

This material has been a great support for many mothers who searched for us lost about what foods to offer and how to build a nutritious dish .

To learn more and download the menu click on the button below.

And always count on our updated content on infant feeding. The stage is challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. Seeing your baby eating healthy and eating a good variety of foods is priceless.

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