Breakfast for 1 year old baby

When the baby is 1 year old, some foods may be released for consumption. Cow’s milk and its derivatives, for example, are only an indicator after 12 months.

However, sugar should only be included in the baby’s diet after 2 years of age and in moderation . This is because it can harm the development of taste and healthy eating, in addition to being related to health problems in the future.

Thus, with an already big baby, but with some limitations in the meals, many mothers have doubts when offering snacks and breakfast .

That’s why we’ve prepared this article with healthy ideas and suggestions to include and vary your baby’s breakfast menu . Come with us?

Give preference to fruits

Fruits should always be present in the baby’s food. And for breakfast they are a great option. 

Children who are more selective and who do not accept fruit should be given even greater attention. If you accept that she doesn’t eat and don’t offer it often, she won’t eat again. Therefore, varying the fruit, the cut and the preparation of the dish can help to arouse the curiosity to try it.

Some examples of great fruits for 1 year olds : banana, orange, papaya, melon, pear, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, etc. That is, all fruits are released.

Banana Pancake with Oatmeal

The pancake is the darling of most babies at this age. Tasty and nutritious , it’s still super practical to prepare. So check out the recipe below.

1 cockatiel banana;
1 egg;
1 spoon of oat bran;
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.

In a container, mash the banana and add it with the other ingredients, mixing well. Place in a skillet over medium heat and turn until golden on both sides.

Scrambled egg

Eggs are excellent options, not only for main meals, but also for snacks. 

In the past, some people believed that eggs were not a healthy food for babies and should be avoided. But several researches have shown that babies can eat eggs from 6 months .

To enrich the meal even more, you can make it more nutritious with seasonings like parsley and chives.

Natural yoghurt with chia and fruit

Taking advantage of the fact that after 1 year the cow’s milk and its derivatives are released , you can offer natural yogurt (which does not contain sugar).

Spice it up with chia and some other fruit like mango, banana or strawberry . And remember that even though it is a sour food, it can be very well accepted by the baby, as he is still developing his taste buds. 

Babies don’t just like candy. We adults are the ones influencing this to happen.

homemade breads

Any homemade bread you make will be a better choice than a prepackaged one. There are dozens of recipes on the internet for you to vary: carrot, beet, pumpkin, corn bread , among others.

The carbohydrate in bread is important in this phase of such accelerated growth, as it provides energy and satisfies hunger .

More snack options (E-book)

We recently discovered the Colorful Plate e-book, which contains dozens of recipes for healthy snacks and main meals . In addition to the recipes it comes with a bunch of tips, a weekly menu and a table of food groups .

The recipes are from Bárbara Toledo, Food Engineer and Master in Food Science. And the price is special: only R$39.90 ! And it can still be paid in 2x on the cards .

In addition, at this age it is important to avoid industrialized products and sweets , which lead to a poorly nutritious diet and can aggravate the selectivity period that is close to 2 years of age. That’s why every investment made now can be decisive in the future.

Dr. Tabriella Perivolaris, Sara's mother and fan of fashion, beauty, motherhood, among others, about the female universe. Since 2018 she has been working as a copywriter, always bringing to her articles a little of her experience and experience as a mother and woman.

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