Fruits for a 6 month old baby: the 11 best options

You may already know that baby’s feeding starts at 6 months of age when he has all the signs of readiness , right? With everything OK to start the AI, it’s time to know which foods to offer first , including fruits , vegetables , meats and other food groups.

The good news is that there is little restriction on what to offer. Fruits are all released from the start, as long as they are offered safely .

Our suggestion is that you offer seasonal fruits , and those that have the best offer in your region. Don’t assume that babies eat only bananas and papayas, although many pediatricians still recommend starting with these fruits. Remember to always offer a wide variety of textures and flavors and let your child discover their own preferences.

Our suggestions here are based on the practicality and benefits of this fruit list . They are easy to find, easy to consume, and are generally well accepted by babies . So come on.

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1 – Orange

Forget the juice and offer the fruit . Juices should not be offered before 1 year, and even after that age, should be offered in moderation. Fruit is always the best option, as the child ingests all the nutrients and fiber contained in the orange, not just the juice.

Benefits: Vitamin C; Fibers; Calcium; Phosphor.

2 – Melon

Melon is a great food, helps with hydration and is therefore ideal for consumption in the summer, on the hottest and driest days. But it can be offered year-round. You can offer slices without peeling and let the baby explore the food alone, always under supervision.

Benefits: Vitamin C; Vitamin A; Fibers; Calcium; Iron.

3 – Avocado

Avocado can be whipped and offered as a vitamin or pure. It all depends on how the family usually consumes. This is because the ideal is for you to eat the foods together with the baby so that he can learn through imitation . 

It is a fruit rich in nutrients and gives a lot of energy . Ideal for babies in full development.

Benefits: Vitamins A, C and E; Iron; Calcium; Phosphor.

4 – Papaya

Papaya is a good choice for the baby who is just beginning to eat. It is generally well accepted for having a soft texture and sweet taste. You can offer it in pieces, if you practice BLW, or crushed in a spoon. 

One of the biggest benefits of papaya is its laxative effect , ideal for those days when the baby has a bowel movement.

Benefits: Fibers; Vitamins A, C and B; Calcium.

5 – Apple

Apple is an excellent choice too. It can be offered scraped , spooned, or cooked when the family chooses BLW. Whole raw apples can be very dangerous for small babies. Its consistency is hard and difficult to chew, so offer whole only later when the baby has already had the first dentition and has developed chewing well.

Benefits: Fibers; Vitamins B, C and E.

6 – Banana

Banana is always at the top of the list of most recommended by pediatricians . It really is a good option, as it is a fruit that gives a feeling of satiety due to its high energy value . However, in some cases it can cause constipation , which is why it is important to vary the fruit and not just offer bananas every day.

Benefits: Vitamin B6 and C; Fibers; Potassium.

7 – Passion fruit

Some people turn up their noses at the pure passion fruit. But remember the same recommendation about orange. Always prefer fresh fruit instead of juices. And, above all, don’t take it for granted that children only like sweet foods. Children are different and have different tastes. Be sure to offer passion fruit, you may be surprised.

In addition, it is a fruit that helps the immune system a lot , as it is rich in vitamins and minerals . It also has calming properties , which can help your baby sleep.

Benefits: Vitamin C; Fibers; Calcium; Iron.

8 – Money

Pear is also usually a very well accepted fruit at 6 months. Prefer those with the softest consistency and easy to ingest . You can offer it in unpeeled pieces and let the baby explore or slushie on the spoon, as is commonly done with apples.

Benefits: Vitamins A, B and C; Calcium; Potassium.

9 – Watermelon

Watermelon needs warmer temperatures to grow and is therefore more consumed in summer. However, it is possible to find watermelon all year round in the biggest supermarkets. The fruit is rich in water and helps a lot in hydrating the body . 

You can offer it in small slices (seedless) for the baby to eat alone. As already mentioned, it is always better to offer fruit than juice.

Benefits: Vitamins A and C; Phosphor; Potassium.

10 – Peach

Another great option, but usually with a higher price in the markets. But the peach is usually very well accepted by babies , because the texture is easy to ingest and the flavor is mild. It has important nutritional properties for the health of little ones.

Benefits: Vitamins A, B and C; Fibers.

11 – Manga

Have you thought about offering the mango pit for the baby to suck? Well know that babies love this mess. In addition to exploring the senses, the baby can delight in the sweet taste of the mango. Give your child this opportunity, because mango is a very nutrient-rich food .

Benefits: Vitamins A, B and C; Phosphor; Potassium.

Be careful when offering grapes, strawberries and kiwi fruit

I said that almost all fruits are released at 6 months. Well, be careful with just these three.

Grapes are dangerous because of the risk of choking . It is best to wait for at least 9 months of the baby and make the safe cut, breaking the grape in half. Never give whole .

Strawberries and kiwis should preferably be organic . That’s because these two fruits are usually very loaded with pesticides due to their porous texture. Occasionally you can offer the one you bought at the supermarket, but if you can choose, buy organic.

See how many options there are? That’s what we don’t list all of here. There are different fruits in each region that can probably also enter the baby’s diet. When in doubt, talk to your pediatrician before offering a very different food.

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