How Does Pregnancy Test Work? Learn How To and Other Information

To guarantee the baby’s waiting after the perception of the main symptoms, it is necessary to carry out tests and exams. So, find out how the pregnancy test that will indicate pregnancy or not works.

However, it is worth knowing that there are different models and methods capable of verifying quickly and very accurately.

Want to know more? So, read on and find out how the pregnancy test works .

How does the pregnancy test work?

The pregnancy tests are quick and easy ways to find out if you are pregnant or not . And this is great, because the sooner the discovery, the faster the monitoring of the pregnancy will also be carried out, ensuring the health of the mother and baby.

And so, it is worth knowing that there are two different types that equally measure the amount of the beta-HCG hormone, but one in the urine and the other in the blood.

Usually, those that measure beta-HCG in urine are pharmacy tests, which can be performed anywhere and present the result within minutes. But, not always with the necessary precision, depending on the type and brand, which usually suggests confirmation from another test such as blood or ultrasound.

And the other type is the blood test, which usually needs to be done in a hospital or laboratory, where, in addition to presenting the result, in case of pregnancy, it also informs the time of pregnancy. Which is ideal for the care and attention needed.

Usually, the pregnancy test can be done two days after your missed period and is therefore a great alternative to confirm after noticing the first symptoms.

So if you want to know more, read on and find out how the pharmacy pregnancy test works . Look!

pharmacy pregnancy test

The pharmacy pregnancy test is one of the simplest and most used worldwide, as it reports the possibility of pregnancy with a high success rate. And as the name says, it can be found in any pharmacy, which suggests that it is easy to do and also has an affordable price, depending on the chosen model, allowing discovery at any time.

According to the manufacturers, these types of tests guarantee 95% to 99% accuracy as to whether a woman is pregnant or not. And that’s why it’s a great suggestion for anyone looking to find out immediately, without waiting.

When it is of good quality, it can be done at any time of the day, but some brands indicate the use of the first urine, which according to specialists, concentrates a greater amount of beta-HCG. And because of that, it’s done by millions of women around the world.

The pharmacy test usually consists of a tape that must be placed in the urine for some time and after waiting for a few minutes the indication will appear whether or not she is pregnant. However, there are more recent models, which in addition to informing the pregnancy, also indicate how many weeks the expectant mother is, providing even more precision.

So, if you want to take the test, think about which you prefer and how much you want to spend . Plus, learn how to take the pharmacy pregnancy test. Check out!

How to take the pharmacy pregnancy test

As mentioned before, to take the pharmacy pregnancy test, just follow the package procedure. However, it is important to know the utensils made available by the brand, in order to ensure greater accuracy, also avoiding contamination.

This is because some brands provide the container to store the urine during the investigation, while others indicate that it should be done directly on the tape. Therefore, it is worth checking how the chosen one works, to follow the step-by-step correctly.

However, in general, pregnancy tests should be done 2-5 after missed period. And preferably with the first urine of the day, which according to specialists, carries a higher concentration of the hormone beta-HCG, related to pregnancy.

How to take the pregnancy test – step by step:

Afterwards, the procedure should be as follows:

  • Wash your hands and keep them sanitized to start with the test;
  • If the test is with a strip, the urine must be done in a small container that comes with the product or a clean, disposable plastic cup. However, there are options to urinate directly on the tape, such as digital tests;
  • In the case of the tape test, after peeing in the pot, it is necessary to place the tape up to where there is an indicative mark, however, if it is with the urine directly on the tape, it is necessary to close it with the lid that comes with the product; and
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes;
  • After the stipulated time, in the case of the test with the tapes, the result will come out with red or pink stripes and in the electronic model, it will be informed with “not pregnant” or “pregnant”.

Therefore, the test on the tape models will be presented as follows:

Therefore, when identifying two bands, the result is positive and she is expecting a baby, however if there is only one, the woman is not pregnant.

In addition, there may still be some doubtful situations, where light bands appear when presenting the result. If this happens, it is worth repeating the test or even preferring the blood test, which will reveal more accurately the pregnancy and the period in case of positive.

pregnancy test with blood test

The pregnancy test made from the blood test is the most reliable, as it will measure the level of beta-HCG hormone in the body, resulting in truthful information with high reliability. In addition to informing the average time of pregnancy.

This is because, for more certainty, an ultrasound is needed, which will provide the size of the fetus, where the doctor will be able to certify the period of pregnancy according to this information.

However, the blood test is essential, as it has a 99% success rate . In addition to being extremely necessary for the progress of prenatal care.

To do this exam, a medical request is necessary, which can be obtained both in private hospitals and in the SUS. Normally, the exam is done at any time of the day and the result comes out in an average of 24 hours, providing an accurate picture of the woman’s current condition.

Therefore, even with the pregnancy test, do not waive the blood test and in case of a positive result, immediately start monitoring with the obstetrician, in order to ensure the health and well-being of the mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and until later.

How Pregnancy Test Works: Beta HCG Quantitative

As mentioned before, beta-HCG and or BHGC is a test capable of quantifying the hormone that is usually elevated in cases of pregnancy.

To measure its quantity it is necessary to carry out a blood test, as already informed. And, in addition to pointing out the existence of pregnancy, it will indicate the period of pregnancy. Essential information for correct control and care.

It can be done 10 days after fertilization or after the first day of missed period . And it reports the result with 99% accuracy.

To identify, a quantitative parameter is followed, as follows:

  • BhCG below 5 mIU/ml:  negative result, ie there is no evidence of pregnancy;
  • BhCG between 5 and 25 mIU/ml : undefined result. Therefore, it is recommended to repeat the exam after three days to be sure about the pregnancy; and
  • BhCG above 25 mIU/ml:  positive result, indicating pregnancy.

So, if you took the test, you have the result, you have not had a medical appointment yet and you want to know if you are pregnant, check if the BHDCG is above 25 mIU/ml. If so, congratulations, as there are great chances of being pregnant.

And in addition to this exam, in some situations, obstetricians can also ask for ultrasound or fetal sexing to find out how the fetus is doing. Therefore, do not give up the medical consultation and start prenatal care as soon as possible to ensure balance and health throughout the pregnancy.

How the Home Pregnancy Test Works: How to do it?

Home pregnancy tests are unreliable in their results, but many women look to this option, even as a fun way to discover. With that, if you want a prescription for a home pregnancy test we will bring some suggestions, but remember that to be sure, it is recommended to take the pharmacy and blood test mentioned above.

However, read on and learn about some home pregnancy test options. Check out!

Pregnancy test with toothpaste

The toothpaste pregnancy test is one of the most performed and for many opinions it really gives the correct result.

To do this, you will need the following utensils:

  • A clean, disposable pot with a lid; and
  • White toothpaste.

After separating the utensils, it will be possible to proceed with the test. With that, follow the procedure:

  1. Early in the morning, when you take the first pee of the day, do it in the disposable pot;
  2. After the urine, put a quantity of toothpaste in the pot in order to fill the bottom of the pot, but don’t exaggerate the amount; and
  3. Wait for a maximum of 5 minutes.

If the mixture turns bluish or greenish, it is a sign of pregnancy. However, if it has foam and a white or milky color, the result of the home test is negative.

But, remember that this test is not reliable and it is recommended to do the pharmacy test or even clinical exams for confirmation.

Pregnancy test with bleach

The bleach test also shows good results, according to some female opinions. After all, it’s simple and cheap to be done and that’s why it’s a great option to discover and also have fun.

To perform this test, the following utensils will be needed:

  • A small, clean, waste-free, disposable container; and
  • 1 tablespoon of bleach.

After separating everything necessary, you need to do the following:

  1. In the morning when waking up to urinate, store the liquid in the pot, but do not need a large amount;
  2. In the pot with urine, mix a spoon of bleach; and
  3. Wait a few seconds.

After mixing, if the solution bubbles like soda or changes color, it may be positive for pregnancy. However, if there is no reaction, the woman is probably not pregnant.

Coke pregnancy test

Coca-cola in its formulation has a series of chemical agents, which according to opinions, when in contact with the beta-HCG hormone, it provokes a reaction, capable of informing whether the woman is pregnant or not.

Therefore, if you have this product at home and want to test with it, we will bring the recipe to discover the possible pregnancy right away. So, here’s how to do it.

First, to take this test, you will need:

  • A small plastic container; and
  • Coke without ice, but it needs to have gas.

After separating the necessary items, the test should be done as follows:

  1. In the plastic, disposable and clean container, a little urine should be placed, but preferably the first one, taken in the morning;
  2. With the urine, add some Coke and wait for the chemical reaction to happen.

If the mixture bubbles like boiling water, chances are high that you are pregnant. However, if there is no change, the result is more likely to be negative.

Vinegar pregnancy test

The vinegar pregnancy test is one of the oldest at-home methods and for many women it helps in discovering pregnancy.

To do this, the following utensils will be needed:

  • A plastic, disposable container; and
  • White vinegar.

With the utensils separated, proceed as follows:

  1. Collect the first urine of the day in the plastic container;
  2. In the plastic pot with the urine, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar, but to measure, prefer plastic or wooden spoons so there is no chemical reaction;
  3. After mixing the urine and vinegar, wait a few minutes and check the color of the mixture.

If the mixture changes color or creates foam, it is a sign of a positive result. However, if there is no change, the pregnancy result is likely to be negative.

However, remember that these tests are not 100% reliable and that is why it is important and necessary to perform other methods to really confirm the pregnancy.

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