How to Make Baby Sleep Alone: ​​9 Tips to Implement Now!

As the baby grows, parents realize that it is time to put the baby to sleep in the crib. However, this task is not always as easy and fast as we would like. Therefore, we’ve put together some tips on how to make the baby sleep alone .

However, first of all, it is important to know that all this involves a process , so it does not happen overnight and it also requires a lot of patience, understanding and collaboration from those responsible for everything to work out.

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How to make the baby sleep alone

After the first few months of a baby’s life, most parents already feel the need to begin the transition from shared sleep or cuddle sleep to crib sleep. As this allows more time and freedom for caregivers, it also encourages the baby’s independence.

However, this is not always so easy, as by this time the baby may already be used to the company when sleeping, in addition to also needing the comfort that the lap can sometimes offer. Thus, it is important to have patience, as well as to start the process as soon as possible so that the habit will pass quickly.

Generally, after 8 or 9 months of life, babies can start to sleep alone. But, it is also important to remember that according to the opinion of most pediatricians, it is necessary that the baby’s sleep is supervised by the parents up to 1 year of age .

With this, many recommend that the crib be placed in the parents’ room until this age or that one of the guardians moves to the child’s room, allowing them to be monitored in case of any occurrence.

In addition, baby monitors are welcome, as long as the check is periodic and also accompanied by staff. Especially in cases where the baby has reflux or some difficulty breathing. So, pay attention!

Also, if you realize that your baby is ready to sleep alone and this is a goal you want to start implementing, we’ll bring you some tips to get you started right away. Check out!

9 Tips on how to make your baby sleep alone

  • Get your baby used to sleeping in the crib as soon as possible;
  • Create a sleep ritual;
  • Place the baby in the crib still awake;
  • If you need to take the baby out of the crib, stay inside the room;
  • Use the nest technique;
  • Pay attention to when the baby is most sleepy;
  • Use sounds to encourage the baby to sleep;
  • Remove toys and soft toys from inside the crib; and
  • Pay attention to the sleep habits that your baby likes most and give it a try.

Now, to know and better understand how to apply these tips, check out a brief explanation of each one!

Get the baby used to sleeping in the crib as soon as possible

As mentioned before, it is important that sleep is monitored until the first year of life. However, from 8 months it is already possible to start teaching the baby to sleep alone. Therefore, do not waste time and start as soon as possible.

This is because, the younger the baby, the more easily he will get used to the new place .

But, it is also worth remembering that this process can take a few weeks. So, start now and don’t give up even in the face of difficulties . And in case you get scared at some point, leave the baby monitor turned on, but avoid going back to the old ways, as this could cause a regression in the results.

Create a sleep ritual

The sleep ritual is a very important process for those who seek to make the baby sleep alone and also throughout the night , since it encourages relaxation and habit with the moment of rest . However, for this process to work, recurrence and patience are required.

With that, follow the steps below every day and gradually the results will emerge.

  1. Give the baby a relaxing bath;
  2. Create a calm and relaxed environment;
  3. Give an oil massage (the shantala technique can be used);
  4. Put the baby in comfortable clothing;
  5. Feed the baby;
  6. Soothing so that you start to get sleepy; and
  7. Place the baby in the crib while still awake.

The seventh and final stage of the sleep ritual will be explored below. However, even with the difficulties, it is important to follow the steps that can be taken even with the baby still small, which will facilitate the association with sleep at any stage of growth.

Put the baby in the crib still awake

At first, placing the baby in the crib while awake can be very difficult and cause excessive crying. However, this is a fundamental step for him to recognize his sleeping space.

So, after breastfeeding when he is very sleepy, take him to the room with the appropriate environment and when you feel tired put him in the crib . At this time it is not necessary to leave the place, just position yourself next to the baby and let him know that you are beside him .

At this stage, if the crying is extreme and the distant cradling is not working, take the baby from your lap, but do not take him out of the room, as we will talk next.

And don’t be afraid of crying either, remembering that this is his way of communicating and saying he’s not happy or comfortable with something. However, this does not mean that this is not customary. I believe that soon, the crying will subside until it passes and he will understand that he is just tired and it is time for bed.

If you need to take the baby out of the crib, stay in the room

When the child starts to cry a lot, all parents know that it is impossible not to pick him up at some point and this is anticipated during the adaptation of how to make the baby sleep alone. However, it must be done carefully, avoiding also taking it out of the room.

This is because, in the bedroom, as the environment is dark, calm and peaceful, the baby will understand more easily that he is at bedtime. When taking him to another room like the living room, for example, he may wake up from sleep, in addition to having distractions that will hinder the process.

So, take him in your lap to calm him down and when you notice signs of drowsiness, put him back in the crib without changing environment and if necessary make new attempts, as we will discuss later. But, remember that little by little these irritations and crying will subside as the crib habit progresses. Do not give up!

use the nest technique

Some babies have difficulty getting used to the crib because of the space, making it clutter. This is easily noticed in instances that the baby is sleeping in the lap and when he is transferred he wakes up for no apparent reason.

Therefore, the nest technique can be very viable, as it guarantees a more cozy and comfortable place for the baby to stay . This reducing nest also gives a feeling of welcome, since the baby is warmer and with a similar impression to the lap.

This adornment can be purchased, but also made with bath towels and a child’s blanket. Check out the video on the Macetes de Mãe channel:

Pay attention to when the baby is most sleepy

Another important tip to make the baby sleep alone is to pay attention to the time when he is most tired and sleepy. For small babies this time is usually between 18:00 and 19:00 hours, but as time goes by it tends to be later.

This perception of the most intense sleep time is important , as the entire bedtime ritual will be carried out based on it, in addition to signaling to parents when is the best time to take them to the bedroom and then to the crib.

Remembering that the more sleep your baby is when you put him in the bed, the more quickly he will accept the transition from the lap to your space. But, again, be patient and while the baby does not fall asleep effectively, avoid leaving the room, allowing him to notice your care and company.

Use sounds to encourage the baby to sleep

For some children, relaxing sounds and soothing music induce sleep, as do noises made by parents. With this, if possible, early on, look for a sound that pleases your baby and use it as an association with sleep.

By getting him used in this way, during the transition from the lap to the crib, the songs can serve as a calming and relaxing stimulus , facilitating the process so that he does not feel alone or unprotected.

Lullabies and even mobiles are also options that help to make the baby sleep alone. However, be careful to check what contributes most to the expected result, avoiding reverse stimulation or any other sensation that makes you wake up.

Take toys and soft toys out of the crib

For some children, having stuffed animals or squashes is a stimulant to sleep, but avoid leaving large amounts in the crib while sleeping, as this can be distracting.

So, to make your baby sleep alone, keep the environment as minimalist as possible , as well as keep toys and stuffed toys out of sight. Leaving only the one who will serve as company.

Also, decorations with bright colors and lights can interfere with sleep. Thus, when taking the baby to the room and crib, leave the place as light and clean as possible, allowing him to get used to the environment, especially with a resting place.

Pay attention to the sleep habits that the baby likes the most and give it a try

As I’ve said a few times in the article, the process of getting your baby to sleep alone isn’t always easy and instantaneous. So try and find habits that are most pleasing and comfortable for the child.

This is because, some simple and apparently banal issues can influence him to sleep alone , such as cold, heat, brightness, among other possibilities.

So, if after a few weeks there is no improvement, even following the tips above, check, for example, if the position of the crib is ideal for comfort or if there is something that makes you wake up such as draft, strong smell, texture of the clothes. bed, among others.

In situations where the baby goes to the nursery school and sleeps well there, try to check with the teachers how he/she sleeps and try to take it home. For example, placing the mattress on the floor, leaving some noise, among other possibilities.

And in addition, also check if lamp colors for lampshades can encourage calm and tranquility in the sleeping place, for example, blue or lilac lights that are low and are generally also associated with relaxation and lightness.

By following these tips and paying attention to your baby’s preferences, in a short time it will be possible to notice improvements until the complete transition between lap and crib.

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