Children’s Appetite Booster: 9 Tips to Work Up Your Appetite!

Are you looking for a child appetite stimulant due to concern about your child’s nutrition? Stay calm! This is because children have some phases where food consumption decreases, awakening an alert in parents, who often do not consider that the reason may be linked to some external factors, development and even immunity.

So, keep reading and find out why this happens, as well as tips on how to stimulate children’s appetites . Check out!

Children’s appetite stimulant

Normally, after 6 months of age , the baby’s eating routine is started , which reveals a fun time and full of discoveries for both caregivers and for the baby who develops a taste for new flavors and possibilities. And this persists until mid 18 to 24 months, when all of a sudden, he rejects various foods and apparently eats very little, which causes great concern for parents.

And when this happens, one of the first alternatives sought is appetite stimulants, which can be a short-term solution to weight gain and a real increase in appetite.

However, before offering these types of formulas it is very important to know the reason for the loss of appetite . And so, act to solve this problem using other methods and only later with medication. Since they can interfere and alter the functioning of organs such as the liver and spleen, for example.

So, first of all, observe your son or daughter’s routine in order to identify the main reason for the dietary change and also talk to the pediatrician who will be able to offer the best suggestions.

Are infant appetite stimulant formulas indicated?

According to expert medical opinions, infant appetite stimulant formulas are recommended only in some cases, when there is really a deficiency of important vitamins and nutrients , such as iron, one of the main components of these medications.

When a child has illnesses such as anemia, these stimulants can be interesting. As well as whetting the appetite, they will also supplement the need for nutrition, resulting in better child health.

However, if the child has balanced health, with good doses of vitamins and nutrients, when taking stimulants, excess substances may occur. Interfering with the correct functioning of organs such as the liver, spleen and bone marrow. And in addition to these, there are also formulations with antihistamines, which result in excessive sleep, feeling tired and difficulty concentrating.

Therefore, before using appetite stimulants, talk to your pediatrician, observe the formulations, components and their effects. As well, offer practices and activities that contribute to appetite improvement.

Because, without a doubt, practices that improve the consumption of food without medication are the most viable and recommended options for both maintaining health and for the economy.

Main causes of loss of appetite in childhood

The lack of appetite in childhood may be associated with several factors, which are not always taken into account by parents. Therefore, when noticing the reduction in food consumption, observe the routine of the family and the child, to identify if there was any trigger.

And besides, if the family is going through some problem, such as the relationship between the parents, financial, among others, the stress caused can reduce the interest in food. So, attention and so, try to keep the child as far away from the problems as possible, remembering to talk and give a lot of affection, in order to stabilize the emotional and psychological aspects.

Likewise, reduced appetite may be associated with some illness such as the flu, cold or virus. Therefore, if you notice symptoms, know that difficulty in eating is normal. However, as the days go by, it tends to improve, returning to the previous appetite.

In this way, create a healthy and balanced environment for child development and also for eating and observing. If there is any visible change, talk to the pediatrician and ask for assistance.

9 Tips on how to stimulate children’s appetite

Getting a child to eat well is not always so easy. Thus, we will bring some tips that will increase children’s appetite, in addition to encouraging the intake of new options to expand the menu. Check out!

Set meal times

One of the most important tips to encourage proper nutrition and increase appetite is to set times for meals, in order to program the child’s body . With this, create a schedule and write down the times that the baby has breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and has episodes of hunger.

After identifying these moments, create a routine at home following this schedule and for that, also have in the fridge some options of juices, fruits, among other healthy snacks that can help, without giving the feeling of satiety, which can disrupt the meal main.

With this, create a food routine with pre-defined times and over the course of a few weeks, the child’s body will be more accustomed, considerably increasing food consumption and appetite.

take the kids shopping

Another suggestion that usually has positive effects is to take and let the child choose some foods while shopping. Therefore, when going to fairs and grocery stores, for example, take the child and let them choose fruits and vegetables that please their taste buds.

This is because, by seeing the colors, textures and smelling the aromas, it is possible for the child to awaken an interest in some food that they have not tried yet. In addition to ratifying and repeating the consumption of others already accepted.

And by doing this, it is possible that there is an increase in appetite due to greater interest in the food, revealing an increase in consumption that will be essential for maintaining health. With this, if your son or daughter is big and already get some communication that demonstrates their preferences, take them to food shopping and accept their suggestions and tips, because without a doubt, there will be surprises during the choices. You will see!

Offer food every 3 hours

Maintaining too long a period between meals can affect the consumption of quality food . This is because, when being very hungry or on an empty stomach for long periods, the body will prefer the immediate satiation effect, which can result in ingestion of fatty foods, however, lacking in nutrients and vitamins suitable for the growth phase.

Therefore, plan to offer at least 5 meals during the day , separated into: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

During snack times, be sure to offer fresh foods such as fruits, juices, nuts, among other sources of vitamins and fiber, which are essential for the correct functioning of the body.

By following this tip, it will be possible to observe greater food intake spaced out, but with a balance between consumption and meeting the body’s needs.

Put a small amount on the plate

When putting meals on the child’s plate, also put a small amount in order to understand and respect their needs. In addition to making the moment more relaxed without the anxiety and pressure of eating everything, which can generate a psychological burden on the little ones.

So, if your child is 2 to 6 years old, add smaller portions and, if necessary, let them repeat. But, take the meal with lightness and tranquility, because little by little, this difficulty in feeding will improve, being an outdated phase.

Have at least 5 colors on the plate

For children, new colors, aromas and textures can be both strange and curious, which can be a child’s appetite stimulant. Therefore, when assembling the dish, keep in mind at least 5 options of different colors on the dish , arousing interest and also inviting you to try new flavors.

This tip will stimulate an increase in appetite, in addition to the intake of various vitamins and nutrients that will sustain and maintain health in the short, medium and long term.

Keep refrigerators with fresh and healthy food

To ensure a healthy and balanced diet, always have light and healthy options at home, such as fruits, vegetables, salads and fresh food, rich in vitamins.

After all, supplies of this type are ideal for snack times in the morning and afternoon, for example, ensuring a momentary sustenance without affecting the main meals.

With that, have these options at home and also be creative in your preparations, offering new options that will also arouse your interest and appetite.

Create different environments for meals

Sometimes always eating at the table and it can be tedious for the child. Thus, a great appetite stimulant for children is to create new and fun environments for these meals.

Therefore, use your creativity and have picnics in the living room, backyard, among other unlikely places and invite the child to a meal. This, without a doubt, will arouse interest and ensure that there is at least a minimum of consumption helping the food issue.

Let the child help with the preparation of meals

Inviting the little ones to help with food preparation is also a viable suggestion that usually guarantees good results in terms of appetite stimulation.

Therefore, when making lunch and dinner, for example, call the little one to wash the salad, separate some ingredients, among others that allow them to participate , as this will undoubtedly ensure an increase in appetite and equal interest in food.

Encourage physical activity and energy expenditure

For food consumption to be greater, it is also important that the child is expending energy and calories. Therefore, encourage games and activities that result in energy expenditure . And by doing them for at least 1 hour before a meal, it is possible that there is an increase in food consumption.

With this, encourage physical activities, because at any age, this is a great alternative to whet your appetite.

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