Is Sex in Pregnancy Safe to Do? Discover 9 Comfortable Positions!

The Sex in pregnancy is safe and enjoyable, provided there are no contraindications medical and is comfortable for the woman. Thus, it is worth knowing some positions, as well as relevant information to enjoy this moment together without worries.

After all, for many women, during pregnancy there is an increase in libido, at some times, which suggests the practice. And according to opinions, it also helps during the birth of the baby, stimulating and even reducing the period of labor.

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sex in pregnancy

For some couples, sex during pregnancy is an obstacle, due to fears of hurting or disturbing the baby . However, it is worth knowing that this is not true, since the fetus is in a place protected by the amniotic fluid and uterus , which prevents him from feeling any discomfort during intercourse.

However, in some cases during sex it is possible that the baby becomes more agitated and moving, which can cause concern. But, according to opinions, this is only because he notices the change in breathing and heartbeat, as well as semen and orgasm that also stimulate the uterus.

Furthermore, sex in pregnancy does not interfere or cause any problems for the baby. As long as there are no medical recommendations.

This is because, in risky pregnancy situations, for example, where the woman must rest and avoid physical activities, sex can be harmful, contributing to the baby’s good development and health.

So, talk to your doctor and if your pregnancy is normal and healthy, sex is highly recommended, contributing equally to the couple’s relationship and affection.

Can you have sex during pregnancy?

As previously mentioned, sex in pregnancy can be done , as long as there are no medical obstacles in relation to the health of the mother and baby. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an obstetrician from the beginning of pregnancy, as well as to perform periodic exams to ensure a healthy progress.

If the woman feels any discomfort or pain, it is worth checking with the professional, as well as bleeding that can happen after intercourse.

If bleeding appears within a day after sex, with a small amount expelled, it is normal . However, if it lasts longer, also presenting large amounts, attention is needed. As well as, urgent visit to the doctor to verify that there is no problem.

Furthermore, sex is highly recommended, as long as the woman also feels free to practice during this time.

After all, some moms and dads may feel uncomfortable, especially with a bulging belly. But, it is worth knowing that there are some positions that can be suitable for this moment , in addition to providing pleasure and good times for the couple.

Want to know more about comfortable positions for sex during pregnancy? So keep reading!

9 Comfortable Positions for Having Sex in Pregnancy

As mentioned before, if the pregnancy is normal and healthy, sex can be a great practice to bring the couple together and also help with labor.

Therefore, some positions are more suitable, as they leave both more relaxed in relation to comfort and also without harming the pregnancy in any way. So, here are some suggestions for safe and comfortable positions for having sex during pregnancy .

standing sex

The standing position is one of the most recommended during early pregnancy , because the mother’s belly is not very big yet and thus becomes comfortable and pleasurable, in addition to instigating greater contact and exchange, without putting pressure on the uterus.

To do this it is necessary for the woman to lean against the wall and the partner must support the partner’s weight, holding her by the back of the thighs. It is also possible to use a support such as a table or bench, but it is not recommended to place the weight on the woman’s body, avoiding discomfort in the belly.

This position also helps in the best position of the spine, avoiding pain and discomfort. And so, it’s a great suggestion for the first four months. As long as it’s comfortable and pleasurable for both of you.

Therefore, if you are still with the baby in the first months of pregnancy and are looking for a pleasurable position for both, without risks for the baby and discomfort for the couple, the tip is the standing position.

on your knees

The knee position is also recommended during early pregnancy, as long as the belly is not so big . And to do it, the partner must be on one knee while the partner is in the same position facing him, but with one of the legs wrapped around the partner’s thigh or hip, which will support the woman’s weight, helping in better balance and position.

It is ideal to do while the uterus is not yet dilated and also allows for better involvement and affection between the couple, since both will face each other, which facilitates contact, looks and kisses.

So, if you are looking for a comfortable and safe suggestion for sex during pregnancy up to 3 months, the suggestion is the kneeling position.

doggie position

From the 5th month onwards, when the belly is already bigger, some couples are afraid to have sex for fear of disturbing and hurting both the mother and the baby. Therefore, this is a great alternative that will leave the belly free, without putting weight on the uterus , which can cause further discomfort.

Thus, it is important that the woman stay in the position in a comfortable place and feel comfortable performing the act.

Likewise, it is important that the partner is careful during penetration, in order to verify that the position is not causing discomfort or pain, especially in the foot of the belly. As well as back pain that can occur more frequently at different times of pregnancy.

With this, make attempts with the puppy position and if there is severe pain or bleeding after intercourse, be attentive and report to the obstetrician.

woman with the pelvis raised

From the 4th to the 7th month, there are many changes in the female body, as the belly increases in size considerably. In addition to the legs, back and hips, which are sore and heavier with the feeling of tiredness.

Therefore, if the woman wants to have sexual intercourse, it is recommended to do the position with the pelvis raised. And to do it, the woman needs to place some pillows or pillows in the coccyx region, allowing it to be higher and thus the partner can make the penetration without having to position himself above the belly.

This position is comfortable and helps to prevent back pain during this period , since it provides support for this region that has greater concentration of weight. Making it pleasurable for both of them.

However, above the 8th month when the belly is already bigger, this position should be avoided, since it tends to be uncomfortable.

woman sitting on top

Another position that can be done in a comfortable and pleasurable way is that of a woman sitting facing her partner.

It is recommended at all stages of pregnancy, including at the end, close to 8 months, when the uterus is already more dilated. Therefore, it allows more freedom of movement for the woman, who will be able to conduct the relationship in a comfortable way to also control the intensity of penetration.

It is also recommended, as it allows eye contact, as well as being appreciated by most couples. Therefore, if a position is sought for all periods of pregnancy, the indication is the position of the woman sitting on her partner.

Woman sitting on top and back

The sitting position with the back on top is generally appreciated by women who can leave the belly free without pressure , in addition to having more freedom in movement and control of the intensity of penetration.

It is similar to the position mentioned above, however, the woman is positioned with her back to her partner. It also makes the spine more aligned, avoiding further pain and discomfort. And it can also be done in all periods of pregnancy, including after the 8th month, when the uterus is well dilated.

spoon position

Another suggestion of position that can be made during the entire pregnancy is the spoon, which consists in the woman lying down with her back to her partner, making the couple fit sideways. And to make it more comfortable for the woman, it is even possible to place a pillow or pillow below the belly, making it less heavy at this time.

It is also ideal for women, as it leaves the spine in an erect position, which prevents further pain . And it can be very pleasurable for both of them, as there is no friction with the belly region.

So, invest in this suggestion and take the opportunity to repeat it at different times during pregnancy.

Mom and Dad with the torso raised

This position is like the traditional mom and dad, however, the man’s torso is a little higher, so that it doesn’t put pressure on the woman’s belly. However, for greater comfort, it is still worth the tip to put a pillow or pillow in the pelvis region , which makes it higher, also facilitating penetration.

As the woman is lying on her back, it is important to maintain support, avoiding situations of nausea and discomfort. But, anyway, it is a great option, comfortable and safe to do from the beginning of the pregnancy until the middle of the 7th or 8th month.

cross or cross position

The cross or crossed position is also highly recommended at different times of pregnancy , as the woman is comfortably lying down without pressure or weight on the belly.

To do it, the woman needs to lie down with her legs flexed, while the partner positions himself on his side, as if he were going to pick her up and then fit.

It is ideal for keeping the spine and hips in a comfortable position, avoiding possible discomforts also related to the advancement of pregnancy.

So, if you are already 7 months or more and looking for an option that does not cause friction or pressure on the uterus, the tip is the cross or crossed position.

Orgasms and semen during sex in pregnancy

It is worth knowing that orgasms during pregnancy are recommended and do not present any danger or discomfort to the baby .

According to experts, orgasms release oxytocin. An important hormone during pregnancy, especially after the third trimester, as it tends to reduce blood pressure, allowing for a healthier birth and with less risk to the mother and baby.

Likewise, the substance released at this time also relaxes and soothes the body, making the baby also feel calmer when perceiving the well-being of the mother.

Likewise, semen also has substances similar to oxytocin, which can stimulate labor and, therefore, between the 8th and 9th month, some doctors recommend the practice of sex. In order to gradually assist the labor.

Therefore, enjoy pleasant sex without fear during pregnancy and remember that in case of severe pain and bleeding, it is necessary to seek medical help.

When is sex in pregnancy not recommended?

The sex in pregnancy is not recommended when pregnancy is considered high risk . Whether due to high blood pressure, placental abruption, related problems or frequent bleeding.

Likewise, if there are pains or handling processes, as well as the risk of premature birth, it is necessary to avoid, as this can cause damage to both the health of the mother and the baby.

In addition, if there are risks of transmission of STD – Sexually Transmitted Diseases, from the partner, sex should also be avoided. Since diseases such as syphilis, among other bacteria can be transmitted to the baby during delivery, causing serious problems later. So beware!

Likewise, anal sex is also not very suitable, as it facilitates contact with bacteria, which can be harmful to pregnancy. In addition to the hemorrhoids that can arise, especially in the last trimester.

So, if you have any complications, consult a doctor before practice and remember to prioritize safety and comfort.

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