What to put in the 6 month old baby food?

The baby food of 6 months must be made and offered with some care. The baby is still adapting and learning to eat , so choosing the right foods, texture and ideal seasoning is vital for baby’s safety and nutrition .

You will not even know the tastes and preferences of your child, but is slowly bared q HAT food and how your baby prefers to eat. This contact between feeding and being fed creates important bonds between parents and children.

That’s why we’re going to talk in this article about how to make baby food for 6 months, following the most up-to-date recommendations from the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP) and the WHO (World Health Organization).

choose the ingredients

By the age of six months, children can start eating just about anything . There are few exceptions, but always offer food with common sense.

Choose ingredients that are healthy, such as fruits and vegetables , to make baby food. You can vary quite freely, so finding options won’t be a problem. However, there are some foods you should avoid .

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what to avoid

Foods you should avoid for up to 1 year :

  • Salt: Fresh foods already have enough sodium that the baby needs.
  • Cow’s milk and dairy products: In addition to reducing the absorption of iron by the body, it favors the development of allergy to cow’s milk protein – a problem that affects 7.5% of children up to 2 years old.
  • Juice: Do not offer even natural juices, as this way the child ingests too much fructose and little fiber. Teach how to eat the fruit.
  • Gelatin: Those sold in the markets are basically composed of sugar and dyes.

And foods that you should avoid till 2 years :

  • Sugar: Causes cavities, consumption is linked to most cases of childhood obesity, in addition to impairing the development of taste, since sugar is addictive. The child may start to refuse healthy foods and prefer to consume sweets.
  • Honey: May contain bacteria that cause botulism, a food poisoning that affects the nervous system. According to the Brazilian Guide for Epidemiological Surveillance, botulism is responsible for 5% of sudden deaths in children up to 1 year old.

In addition, fruits such as strawberries and kiwi fruit should preferably be organic , due to the high accumulated amount of pesticides.

Without a doubt sugar is the most controversial . But if it’s not even for adults then it’s obvious that it shouldn’t be given to a baby. Likewise you should avoid honey, juices and jellies.

Knead and don’t crush

Due to limited free time and the rush of daily life, you can choose to make baby food using a blender or food processor.

But that is not indicated. To create a greater feeling of solidity you should make the baby food by kneading each food using a fork. This way you make the food a little more solid, the baby is encouraged to chew and the fiber in the food is maintained .

Do not mix

If you make baby food with multiple ingredients, you may find it natural and offer them all mixed up for the baby. However, by offering the mixed baby food , you are failing to present the true taste and texture of the food to your baby.

Ideally, your child has an experience that is much richer in flavors and textures so that he or she can better accept different new foods throughout life.

Offer separately and you’ll be surprised to find that your child will enjoy flavors you can’t even imagine.

No salt!

P or end, it is important to take care of your baby’s health, so avoid the maximum use salt in any recipe .

Of course, no one has died to this day from eating a plate of food with salt (grandparents love to say that ;). But avoid as much as you can and cultivate good eating habits in your home from the start. Your child will thank you in the future!


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